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Mcleodganj- All About Amazing Nature Trails and Adventures

I remember once he said to me, "It will be only once or twice in your lifetime, that you will find yourself in the middle of great adventures. So let's live it to the fullest." Those words came back to me while I was climbing the rugged road to Bhagsu Naag Waterfall amidst the very heavy, lashing rainfall and they did something to me.

We did our bookings 20 days before the trip and those were the longest 50 days (hope you get the idea here). Finally after long, impatient days, the D-day arrived and I came home with all the excitement - ready for an outburst. I still remember the nerve-wrecking, heart-pumping journey to our bus with long red-lines on Google map and never-ending traffic pauses. It brought our hearts in our mouth when the clock was about to hit 19:20 and our auto-rickshaw stopped right in front of the bus all set to leave. Just like you stop a plane which is about to leave the country with your girlfriend inside (imagine your car sliding on the runway and making a screech sound). Thankfully, we reached on time and took a deep breath!
Price: 2400 for two, for one side journey

The journey was very smooth; our bus by Himachal Holiday Tours had an on-time guarantee which relived us from all worries. It stopped twice- once for petrol refilling, another for food. The food stoppage - The Haveli, was decent but alas! Very less women washrooms! 4 loos for a place where at least 40 women arrive every 10-15 minutes. Anyway, this is a plight everywhere! So, we had costly food as the place was really expensive but nice, crafty with good seating and eating options! Tip: Have light food, preferably dal and chapatti and eat well. Have lots of salad- fill your stomach with something that is easy to digest.
Price: 500 for two people

We reached early around 5:30 am and it was raining since the time we entered Punjab. We did check the weather all throughout the 20 days. Everyday without fail. And we knew what we were heading into. So this was predictable. If you are a weather lover, nature admirer like me, you'd love the raindrops and fresh earthen smell of the trees and the fields on your journey (in case you meet the same natural phenomenon ever like we did). If you are an explorer and an avid one like my partner, you'd pray for the rain to stop in the beginning, but will eventually fall in love with how the weather is changing every second.

The McLeodganj bus stand has a lot of Taxi drivers standing to take you to the hotels even at odd hours. We met one local driver who told us that there was a storm last night and there is no power in the Dhramshala district. We crossed our fingers. But the view of Dhramshala down the mountains made us forget everything. It was like a river with colourful, shining coins in the dark. We reached our hotel in 10-15 minutes and he woke the manager up for us.
Taxi Price: 100 rupees

@5 Degrees Celsius - It was chilly, very chilly and the moment we stepped inside the hotel, the intensity of the drizzle changed to harsh, heavy rainfall. We were glad to get in a check-in so early and the room was both cosy and comfortable. I opened all the almira drawers for goodies and blankets and then ran towards the balcony door. In one word - the glimpse of Dhramshala in the dark, moonlit wee hours was - splendid. We decided to sleep for a few hours and then head to the first spot of our unplanned itinerary. I woke up around 7:30, workaholic habit. Slid the curtains to see the view and I was ...spellbound! A huge set of mountains right outside our hotel. I wish - everyone, at least once in their lifetime, sees what we saw back then! Partly snow-clad mountains, clouds floating in from far and the bright sun all hidden -make the view more resplendent.
Balcony Room Price: ~2000 per night for two people

We switched the TV on and shifted a few channels when I went to the balcony to see the view once again. It felt as if it was the best decision I've ever made - apart from many others :P. In a span of a minute or two clouds from both the directions engulfed us in the most amazing, never-imagined way. I was scared and astonished when I saw the lightning shadow from behind the layers of clouds I was in and was literally 'thunderstruck' in the real sense! I tried to capture the moment on film but I was too busy enjoying the hug of the clouds. Then, it started to rain and the clouds began to fade. On second thoughts, I wondered what if the lightning that I saw behind the clouds could have been on me :P It scared me to my wits! :P

The rain that began at that time did not stop for the entire day. We packed our-self in our warm clothes and raincoats and realized we forgot our umbrellas at home. This made us buy 2 umbrellas for ourselves which now serve as a memento of our journey.

The walk down the road to Mcleodganj chowk will always be one of the most memorable beginnings of our journey. We saw how amazing the clouds strike a chord with the mountains and how the sun peeks from behind the peaks, how the breeze takes the drizzle on its shoulders and shakes the trees tall enough to build a 7 storey, how the raindrops try to drench you from behind but wind pushed you ahead, how the chill freezes your face but the drops melt you down. All in all - this is Mcleodganj. We saw a cafe on our way but restricted ourselves for the best. - Potato Momos and Thukpa by Mama's Kitchen!
Price: 160 for two
Quantity: 9/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: 7/10

Our first destination was the main chowk where we had a little hard luck since many of the shops were closed and the side stalls along the road were still not operational. After visiting a small yet beautiful Tibetian temple in the market, we moved to Bhagsu Mandir and the famous Waterfall. It was pouring cats and dogs by the time we reached Bhagsu. 
TIP: Always wear gum boots if it’s raining in hills. ALWAYS.

The whole trench to the waterfall is well made but a little risky if you are a novice in climbing. Though there are barriers by the right to prevent falls but at some points there aren't. So keep a check on what are you stepping on and where are you walking. It is a trail to remember. For me, in that heavy rain, it was an adventure. All drenched and wet, we reached the waterfall where there is a small shelter cum view-point on one side and on the other a small sitting area-cafe which you can reach only after crossing the fall. This is the only cafe here apart from the Shiva Cafe which you can reach after an uphill trek. This 10 minutes trek is both steep and dangerous, especially in the rainy season. Since I was petrified already, I saw the waterfall, kept staring at the flow for a few minutes and decided to walk down to the temple. One of the reasons was also because there was too much crowd and I should mention - Smoking crowd! Unlike me, Ashish was very excited to photograph the gushing water from every possible angle with his camera covered in a temporary polythene hack and an umbrella stuck between his neck and hand. I loved to be by his side while he was passionately twisting and turning to find some great angles.

I would emphasize - A few slips and skids are common in this weather but be careful.

I took a breath when we reached the Bhagsu Temple again. We sat and tried to take the water out of our sports shoes but our efforts were all in vain. Nonetheless, the risks and all what came with the rain made it our once in a lifetime adventure!!

We had to gorge on some food now! It was 4 pm and Mcleodganj is also a place to explore cheap, good Tibetian food. We ate a two course meal with two soups and main dish with rice in Hotel Tibet. I satisfied my love for prawns in my milky prawn soup and Ashish savoured something which tasted like chilli chicken, just a little more subtle in spices. Overall-
Price: 500-600 for two
Taste: 6/10
Quantity: 7/10
Value: 6/10

We took an auto to our hotel in Dhramkot and it didn't take much time. Rains were still on, just a little less hard on us.
Auto Price: 50-60 Rupees

That night we watched television. And I have this strange urge to watch TV especially when I am outside my home. I 'have to' watch television especially when I am in the hills. Somewhere inside me there is a part which wants to be a part of the hills and the fluctuating weather and flickering cable connection, hot tea and the mountain view, lights-out and the rainy storms, chill and the blankets, treks and the clouds and I think it's everything I want to be a part of!

Hotel Dinner- Chicken with tawa rotis
Price: Don't exactly remember but close to 250 rupees I guess.

Slept Sound!

Day 2 began with better weather and more sunlight. Great! Ashish was very excited and seeing all his excitement I became excited too. There's a strange touch of happiness when he is all pumped up and geared up for the day. His focus mixes with his charm and spreads like an aura the moment he tells you how he remembers which way we have to head to and where we came from, on which spot where we an hour ago and where we have to go in another hours! Secretly, I am in awe with his geographic knowledge.

Ahem, so we came down a different way today. The jungle area of Dhramkot village which links to the market is another road to wisdom. We sat by a cafe - Last Chance- and had tea, omelette and maggi. Staple breakfast in a roadside cafe! Adding - Beautiful view.
Price: Average 160 for two

Full charged we walked to St. John Church and had great photographic moments.

TIP: Watch your step, there's a graveyard there!! St John Church will leave a rustic, enigmatic impression in your memory. Hidden behind the long deodars, you will not see it until you visit the road yourself.

If you keep on walking, it will take close to an hour to explore everything and have those moments of historical enlightenment. We walked the entire stretch to and fro! And I made a poem for my walk.

Next we took a taxi to Naddi Village which somehow left us empty handed since it was too cloudy to glance at the snow clad hilltops and TRIUND peaks. But one experience of getting inside a cloud again and breathing the fresh dew will be remembered for sure! It started to drizzle again by the time we left for Dal Lake. Dal lake was too foggy when we reached and we couldn't even spot someone 10 metres away from us. However, by god's grace after a few minutes, just for us, the clouds made way and we had our first look of the lake.

The Dal Lake wasn't dull at all! Though the only scenic trip for you would be the way we saw it through the clouds. It isn't as much appealing if you visit it on a regular day, there has to be something to add more grace or to accessorize the lake. We walked around the boundary with our colourful umbrellas and clicked some great shots.

The encircling can be done within 30 minutes, adding minutes of monkey scare. Yes, you may find some here. Looking back, I thank God we stayed there for a while! We didn't explore the ground behind the lake, rather there isn't much to explore there. So we decided to head back to the main market. The trip was a little expensive, but you don't have any other option. Even the autos charge you somewhat the same.
Price: 600 for both places but a private taxi/car

It was almost evening by the time we came back. Last spot was the sunset at Dalai Lama Temple. We decided to walk till the monastery with magnificent views Serene and beautiful place with monks praying in unison, swinging the prayer wheels and ringing the bells!

A must visit spot, especially in the evening. Later, we sat by a small cafe and had pancakes and tea. Ashish wanted to have some delicious chicken. (Just for clarification, we love chicken so you may hear it quite often everywhere we go :D) We found a man under a small shop cooking only tawa chicken. To see what was so special in his USP chicken recipe, we bought some for our dinner. I made Ashish stop by another fry chicken and fish pakoda shop hidden between the array of shops on one of lanes towards the main market. The man frying the pakodas said he has been into the business since ages. I still remember how he quoted "Baal safed ho gaye karte karte", which means - his hair have turned grey doing the same job since so long.
Cost for Pakodas & chicken - 200 rupees.

It was our last night in Mcleodganj and we wanted to make the best of it. So we pulled the chairs outside, set up a table and said - cheers! 101th reason to buy a balcony room in the hills! We talked about clouds, distant lights, peaks with snow, love and words kept flowing. I even had to knock on the room next door and ask the just-checked-in Spanish ladies to switch their balcony lights off since it was killing the night view for our Milky Way photographs. Rude me :P

Next I remember was Ashish calling my name all-elated and excited while 'rushingly'- if that is a word- wearing his shoes. I saw him, thought of nothing, slid my feet into the shoes partly and rushed behind him. He headed to the terrace and started to set up the camera when I realized what he was doing...it was the sunrise! Slowly the peaks were lit up with the sunlight and I started to wake up with it. The clouds went away to greet the sun and faded on the way. The sky turned clear blue and the chill embraced the warmth with ease. I was adamant to leave early so we ordered a hearty breakfast and got ready slowly, drying our shoes, still wet and slightly burnt with the heater. Thankfully, we had our foot mittens with us. We left the room by 11 and walked uphill the jungle road bidding goodbye to our hotel.

My adventurous better half was in a complete trek mood and mode so we headed to the famous Gallu Devi Temple. Finally we were on a real trek!

I was exhausted mid-way and it looked like the journey would never end but with every step, the view became better and better. We reached the peak in an hour or more and I touched SNOW! My first ever snow encounter!

We went around the temple for better view and talked to the locals regarding the place and the trek to Triund.
TIP: For Triund, make sure you don't make hasty plans and check the weather multiple times in two weeks before you head to the trek as the weather here is quite unpredictable sometimes. We heard the avalanche reports coming from all over North India and the Triund Trek was closed for a week or more.

Last but not the least, we came back to our hotel because it was so heavenly and had a sumptuous meal before heading to our bus.
TIP: Never have anything right before you enter the bus. NEVER. Else you'll end up puking and becoming a victim of mountain sickness.... like us! We had muffins! Just like that....

See you after the journey,
Diary Dear

Monday, 2 January 2017

The Feeling Of Being Stuck At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time!


There are times when I think of what to say while I am amid the crisis of people's lives. Some are heartbroken, some are promiscuous, some are in desperate need for psychiatric help. I don't say this out of any overwhelming aversion. Perhaps I'll be very descriptive about it someday. But there are times like these when the problems around you irritate your aura and your shell of strength.

You'd never be able to find a teeny-weeny corner of respect for their partners in their eyes, let alone their relationship status for the sake of the devil. There are people who are disheartened and they feel the pain will drive them ahead but deep inside, that is not true. The pain is a weapon they use to kill the happiness in the faithful ones. It's a sharp, broken piece of wood-like sarcasm that is pierced right through your heart the moment you wish to leave the horror-like day. The words are coated with rude interruptions, strange-world manipulations and crass-assumptions.

What to say when people are not at the level of your understanding? When they are not even at any level of understanding. They call themselves old, experienced, traditionalists but are they really if they disrespect their soul-mates in a crowd of unknowns and when they hurt the young with their ruthless-actions or when they carve their distressing episodes on your head with a bag full of shit-thoughts which may never happen to you.

May be they are right from the place they are or maybe the place they are isn't right. Or may be I am stuck at the wrong place at the wrong time. To be true, it is hard to tell because they say people like me are young, inexperienced and "modern", at least this is what I face everyday with a pathetic-disorderly-notorious-21st-century-disappointment-kids expressions.

This is sad! But I am glad I was not a part of the generation with such grave rigidness and apprehensions to live with and to train their offspring the same theories of depressing life-returns. I am privileged to be brought up at a time when freedom has its meaning and a religion or a caste or being a woman does not define my identity.

I am me and I don't dream from someone else's eyes.

Yours Loving,
From Diary Dear

Thursday, 29 December 2016

6 Wedding Evergreen Jewelry Styles for Bride-to-be

Every girl aspires to shine gracefully on the day of her wedding. Perfect jewelry is something which is essential to fulfill this dream of all soon-to-be brides. But looking at so many options available in the market, there are chances that you might find yourself confused as well as stuck in the middle of nowhere. Well, here is a guide to the kinds of jewelry you can wear this wedding season. Take inspirations for your wedding jewelry from the leading ladies of Bollywood and pop-divas, which can prove to be a great way to complement your bridal outfit. If you already haven’t started your wedding shopping, these will be worth the buy.

Let's begin with a beautiful stone necklace.

Stone Magic

If you prefer simple and sophisticated jewelry over bling-bling, then jewelry made of stones is just for you. Pair it with your outfit for an elegant look. And the best part is that you can wear this jewellery even with western outfits, just like several of the celebrities. These can be re-used even at casual do's post-wedding, making it a great investment.

Why don't you try it for yourself? Here's the right place to look for it.

Gold Plated Earrings

I remember searching markets and markets for a perfect pair of earrings for my best friend's wedding and when I first saw this, it totally matched my imaginations! If only I could find it a little early. 

Since I don't want you to miss these, here's where you can buy them.

Temple Coin Necklace

For all those who want to feel like a folk princess on their big fat wedding, they must opt for elaborate necklace designs like this one. As these types of necklaces are luxurious and just one piece of this style would be sufficient to give you a royal bridal look. 

Buy these stylish necklaces from this link.

Kundan Fantasy

Another jewellery that will do justice to your wedding outfit is kundan. However, be sure that you opt for just one heavy kundan set if your wedding dress has heavy work on it. But in case your dress is simple with not much of bling, then you can go for two to three necklaces to give your traditional outfit a heavy look, like it cab be worn even with a simple and plain saree.

Buy this lovely piece of jewellery from here.

Antic Love

If you are game for some experiments for your wedding look, then pairing an antic jewellery set will be worth the watch. Match a multi-colored antic neck-piece that can turn out to be something really interesting as well as stunning. If you want, you can even mix and match other types or jewellery. But be sure, they complement the dress. All eyes will be then on you, for sure, as they look fabulous if worn according to the colour of the outfit or in contrast. Though it might not be considered as a wedding essential, antiques are loved by all.

Click on the link and shop your new look today!

Ethnic Fun

Undoubtedly, an ethnic piece is always loved by brides-to-be. It is indeed one of the best ways to increase a bride's beauty manifolds. Going by the current trends, you can go for one elaborate ethnic neck-piece with matching earrings, especially if your dress has low neckline.

Wear the celeb look through this link and thank us later!

Phew! Although the wedding stress will continue to bother you, buy these stylish necklaces will surely minus a few tensions away. 

So worry not and click on Buy!

See you soon,
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Gift These Insanely Stylish Men's Hoodies and Sweatshirts To Your Man

The chilly weather is in its prime and will take another couple of months to wade off. If you’ve been preparing to keep yourself warm all this time, it’s essential not to forget a staple in every man’s wardrobe – sweatshirt and hoodies for men. Although you’ll find tons of designs and patterns in the market, mentioned here are some of the best mens sweatshirts that are insanely crazy and will definitely add to your style.

One for that Inner Child of Yours

Who doesn’t like a sweatshirt sporting their most lovable comic characters and superheroes? Take this Super Saiyan sweatshirt from Kraftly. It will make an ultimate holiday gift for any Dragonball Z fan. Similarly, you can browse for other men hoodies with superhero elements of that of Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. Are you planning to catch the next superhero movie? Make sure your wear these and add to the fun!

Printed Love

How can we forget the prints this winter? Printed hoodies and sweatshirts for men will always be in vogue. Not only these look fabulous if worn casually, you can also easily put them on at family functions, birthday parties etc. The best part that you can get tons of prints, patterns to choose from, thus, giving a different appeal every time you wear them. Take this checkered sweatshirt for example, you can pair these with jean, an over jacket and boots for that perfect winter style.

Show What’s on Your Mind

Everybody likes to show off their thoughts and quirky side with tees and jackets with quotes and designs, but you can also do the same with these wacky sweatshirts. Take this ‘Thug Life’ sweatshirt hoodie for example; it conveys your thought in plain, simple way. Best for wearing at home, gym, or while hanging out with friends. Team it up with cool sneakers and a pair of jean and arrive in style.

For the Travel Bug

Holidays are also the time when lot of us travel to meet our families and friends. Well, if that’s the case with you, this cool grey travel hoodie is just the right pick for you. Match it up with cargos, outdoor shoes, and even put on an additional jacket if you’re too cold. The sheer appeal of wearing them will highlight the zest of travelling and bring a smile on your face.

Hit the Gym with a Sporty Look

Some say that if you wish to do a task more meaningfully, put on the right attire. Like a security person has all the right tools of safety in his/her durable clothes. Similarly, the right gym gear will boost your motivation to pump more iron while sweating out. Here’s this amazing sweatshirt just for that purpose. Whether you’re going to make a New Year resolution or cutting on the flab so that you can wear wonderful shirts and tees in summer, this sweatshirt will match your efforts. You can easily buy sweatshirts online like these from Kraftly, an amazing destination to discover something new and fresh.

Formal Hoodie

Take your love for hoodies and sweatshirts where ever you go, even at work. Yes, if you think that the sweatshirts are just meant to be worn during weekends, then you’re absolutely mistaken. Here’s a suave blue sweatshirt from Kraftly that fits seamlessly into your office wardrobe. Match it up with slim chinos, trousers or jean and you’re ready to create a new style statement at work. Just like this, you’d find single-tone sweatshirts and hoodies online to wear in office.

Don't wait much! Here's the entire collection for you. Find your pick and experiment with a new look each day!

Don't forget to share & comment!

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Jacket Styles Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

What’s winter without showing your winter style with fabulous and warm jackets? While women folk have the advantage of multiple jacket styles, men stick to the basics. And basics are good. Mentioned here are the five best jacket styles every man should have in his wardrobe. These are sturdy, firm and don’t allow the chilly air to pierce through without losing their appeal.

Casual Blue Velvet Jacket

Every man should have a casual jacket in his wardrobe, which can be worn at any function and event. Whether it’s your wedding anniversary, a birthday party or you’re going to your alumni night, a casual jacket will help you leave an impression everytime you don it. Like the blue velvet jacket shown here, which can be paired with slim trousers, jean and cool leather boots or sneakers. Casual jackets for men are also great to wear during date nights, where you can compliment your partner’s fabulous dress.

Buy it Here.

Black Biker Jacket

Mens jackets that’s a great mix of toughness and comfort is liked by all, and a biker jacket is just the right piece for it. Unlike the popular misconception that it can be only worn while riding, you can sport a biker jacket at house parties and even while travelling long distances. Because of their hard texture and availability in solid colors, a biker jacket is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Are you planning for a weekend ride with friends? Take this along and add the dash of glamour while you let the cool wind play with your hair.

Buy it Here.

Denim Jacket

The rise of denim jackets has been phenomenal. Earlier considered grungy and related to the matters of the punk, the denim jacket can be seen everywhere now. From off white wash to jet black tones, a denim jacket adds a cool look to your wardrobe. You can wear them with khaki colored chinos, contrast them with jean of opposite colors, high ankle boots or sneakers and flaunt your winter fashion. Pictured here is cool blue denim that can be sleeve rolled and makes you ready for work and play. Other than wearing them as a jacket, you can find several other ways to wear them on mens jackets online sites.

Buy it Here.

Checkered Cotton Jacket

Keeping a different trend, checkered jackets can be fun to wear. If you’re looking for casual jackets for men, these will fit in perfectly. You can wear checkered jacket at work and even while hanging out with friends. Match them with solid colored tees and shirts beneath, chinos or jean, and sneakers or loafers, for that stylish look. The best part is that just like checkered shirts that you wear daily, you can find hundreds of patterns while browsing for jackets for men online. If you’re sad that the sweaters are covering your cool checkered shirts, here’s a fantastic solution – get checkered jackets!

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Brown Leather Jacket

A classic leather jacket is irreplaceable from a man’s wardrobe. Period. Though originated as a garment for people working in industrial units, the main rage of the leather jackets started out as a pop-culture mania back in the 80’s when the likes of John Travolta and Michael Jackson made it popular via their killer music videos. The end result? Those celebrities and their moves become a cult and the love of classic leather jackets became immortal. Pictured here is a tan leather jacket, as black is too main stream. You can pair these with literally anything, from jean, trousers, chinos, khaki shorts and even with your kurta pajamas.

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Did you like these? For the full portfolio click here and explore the trendiest ever jacket styles for your man!

I am going shopping too...Till Then...

See you soon,
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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Top 6 Holiday Special Sunglasses for Men and Women

What gets you going in the harsh sun especially, in this winter season? Isn’t it a great pair of Sunglasses? Well, get ready for a sparkling Sunglass journey because if you are following winter fashion, you must be acquainted with a great eyewear. Since this year is ending and I am officially memorizing what I did the entire year, I remember my first encounter with hilly sunshine and the harsh tingling sensation in my eyes in early February which didn’t stop until I wore UV protected wayfarer sunglasses of my handsome male counterpart.

Remembering how those shades saved my eyes that day, let’s scroll through a wide variety of super stylish, selfie-favourite sunglasses for men in this holiday season. Because as much as women love to flaunt their cool accessories, men have their share of fun with their shades and goggles! And who knows, they might even save your day one day! With this unique holiday special sunglasses collection you can pick what suits your personality the best and spread your style statement around like wildfire! Let's begin our trip with the most popular types of sunglasses, the aviators-

Blue Mirror Aviators

Super sleek with double brow bars, these over-the-edge aviator pilots for men are designed with extremely streamlined rim. Slender temples make for an attractive accessory which won't bother you with nose-stress fatigue and heavy wearing feel. And the best part is, that these even look great on women too ;). The non-allergic nose-pads make sure you don't face any skin trouble, while its exclusive design keeps your look at its best!

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All-time Black Clubmasters

The drop design on the edges of the frame gives your look an unparalleled appeal. Golden rim makes sure you get all the desired attention you require from wherever you go. If you love these vintage inspired browline designs, you are perfectly in sync with the trendsetters thinking-wave. If you are a Gordon Lewitt fan or a follower of Tom Hanks, you'd have at least one pair of these in your bag! Probably on your eyes!

Buy it Here.

Fancy Goggles For Men

Fancy, because they are creatively crafted for the thinkers behind the books, with a large cup of coffee which gets cold every time it is kept at the table. Made for long journeys with friends, made for hills and beach parties, made for style obsessed fashionistas. You can buy glasses online but the ones like these are only available at the link below and that too at such a a great price.

Buy it Here.

Designer Goggles for Men

For people who love style and simplicity both, these prove to be one of the coolest shades for men. Adjustable nose pads ensure the glasses don't slip off easily while the single browline draws a straight no-nonsense message for people who love straight talks and high-end creativity. Don these over weekends and gather uncountable complements all the time for your extreme suave look !

Girls, pair these up with a classy black clutch, high-waist jeans and boots for a trendy look for first impressions and luxurious-looking dates!

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Round Goggles For Men

 Pick your charming colour from the two. These golden and blue round goggles for men as well as women suit up every attire with equal zeal and passion. Iconic yet upgraded with modern embellishments, these are a hit among youngsters these days. A colorful version of Elton John's Black round sunglasses, these are a must-have for anyone looking for a change of both, style and statement.

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Stylish Silver Aviators

There's no better way to enjoy any holiday without selfies these days. And in this selfie-era, these voguish aviators let you enjoy the privilege of a rich-look along with a holiday driven feel. Get great photogenic pictures instantly with these rimless, uniquely crafted sunglasses and never come back empty handed from any travel-adventure!

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Don't forget to click on the links and grab these amazing, super-cheap yet stylish glasses for men with complete UV protection and anti-glare properties. After-all your eyes matter the most!

Goes without saying, do share your photographs with us!

For a full-fledged look at the men’s Sunglasses wardrobe, click here

Let's do some shopping,
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Monday, 26 December 2016

Amazing Women's Winterwear Styles Trending In The Streets

Men say it’s hard shopping for women. They generally avoid all the girly-conversations with the word “Shopping” involved. Moreover, by the time you’ll agree with me, they might have already made plans on how to stay home and call in a raincheck. Luckily, I am not sailing in the same boat. My partner loves to accompany me to the spree (because he knows how prone I am on picking something completely out of fashion). But there are times when spending time in the crowded lanes of the markets takes a toll on both of us. To avoid the rush and still pick the best outfit we all need a great website, don’t we?

It’s winters going on in India and no matter how many clothes I buy from Sarojini, some don’t fit me, some don’t match my shoes and some fit and match too, but I am totally bored of wearing them. One thing that you’ll have to agree with me on is we all need a branded or branded-looking item to complete our outfit. It might be a Levi looking Jeans, a Zara looking Pullover, a Ray-Ban looking Aviator or perhaps a Swiss looking watch. Agreed?

Well, there are various options with me for various of your fashion problems, but to end at least the shrugs & jacket woes, I’d really recommend you to visit this site. Or perhaps, you could look down for the best of the best evergreen jackets for women below.

1. Stylish Wool Sleeveless Longline Jacket

Who doesn't love the runway fashion? Who doesn't admire the NY, London or Paris fashion week wardrobe? At least not me! And I am pretty sure it ain't you too! Get your hands on this limited edition twin-coloured long jacket and I am sure the complements will never stop flowing! The styles these jackets for women have hits a bull's eye of every fashionista's check-list! So, don't wait up!

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2. Fur Coat

Can you take out fur from winters? Of course not! This super-warm and cozy coat takes furriness to a whole new level. Great for all outdoor trips and worth all the selfie-mode craze, this minimalist coat is highly trending this season. All local to high-fashion markets have furs back with a bang on their shelves. Similar coats for women can be paired with a mid-length skirt and long boots for a diva-in-the-sunlight day!
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3. Blue Polyester Jacket

There may be many jackets for women in the market but the one like this is surely hard to find. Perfectly creased at the right angles, shaped well from neck and cut at the right length; makes it one of the top picks of this week.
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4. Light Pink Long Coat

A great office wear, a stylish after-hours attire! Out of all the ladies coats which I've seen, I think it's the best "pink" shade I've fund today. The other day I saw a really pretty women in metro and this coat reminded me of her! Since I am not as all as her, I might not be able to don the look she was donning but in case you are 5'5'' and have pretty hair, go for a white, embroidered top and a long high-waist jegging and wear this pink coat over! Trust me, you'll love the look like I did! 
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5. Women Embroidery Shrug

You can find many trending tassel shrugs online in the link given below. But the contrasting flowery print and tassels on this shrug caught my attention. Long and just what I admire in shrugs- the dark colour, lures the eyes and calms the mind. I don't ever have to worry about what to wear it with because it matches up with everything!
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6. Cotton Blend Coat

This is for the love of prints, cartoons and cats! Unimaginably cute and yet another "pink" charm that caught my eye! This twin-layer cotton blend coat makes for a perfect day-to-day wear. Wear it to your college or sway it at your casual-fridays for a slender, chic appeal!

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7. Berrylush Dark Blue Shrug

If you are a regular office-goer, you must buy both the colours available in this women shrugs category. One good reason to do so is because you can even carry it with shorts and it goes equally well with full-length dark jeans. Buy it Here

Hope you liked these ladies shrugs, jackets and coats! I will add more to the collection next week!

But do buy them before the prices rise!

And yes, have a great New Year!!!

Lots of love,
Diary Dear!