Friday, 29 August 2014

Just Another Day in GIFs ;p

No, I didn't sit on his chair to 'feel' him around, I didn't even walk into his cubicle today and steal his things! See how sensible have I become with time. Because...I have my new phone now! Bugging him just got easier :D

He's on leave today, sick leave. However, no rest is caressing his day. Since morning he is revolving around Banks to get hold of his debit card! I wish the IVR system had been a help! Sadly, Half of the day he was out of his home, with a screeching backache and rest of time flew like a feather!

I, on the other side of the world, had been busy! A lot Busy. :D 
I tried working for a while, but it did not work! So, the thought of getting my Spa Vouchers which I had won through a twitter contest, came with a breeze and flew me away! I was in a world of contests and tweets and facebook and whatsapps! Maybe, we all need a day out! Don't we? I was socializing, by the way. It's work. ;p

In here it's celebration times! Our head developer is a Daddy again so Rasgullas made their way to our stomachs, while a SEO Executive walked with her farewell card!! She was nice, whenever she talked and smiled. Rest of the days, she was a bit scary, silent and serious ;p She had a background customized Voice in my imaginations, I DON'T SMILE! 0.0

Thank God she started communicating in her last, past few working days, and laughed openly. Else the hauntings wouldn't have left my mind ;p

I'm exaggerating! ;p She is getting married, I hope she smile more after that :). Good Luck Lady!

My Rasgulla and samosa (Farewell Treat ;p) are saved for my man! ;) How can I not share it with him? Muah! I just love to see him when he eats something. That pure, serene look on his face, wins me over and over! I missed having lunch with him. Anyways, I am returning to him for dinner in a while to compensate :D

Oh By The Way, my brother offered me an opportunity to rule!
'Teri Zindagi Bhar Gulami Karunga, Mujhe Kishton Me Moto E Dilwa De'

He needs a Motto E in installments for which he is ready to become my slave for the rest of his life.
What do you think I did?

After getting so much from his side in past years, I thought of giving something in return. I offered him freedom. I said NO!

Don't worry, in two months, he probably earns more thousands than his age. He is 15, just in case you need to know!
So, no shitty-pity allowed! Puhleeez! And dare you call him cute, he'll slap you as well. *Warning*

I am waiting for my office hours to end so that I can rush back to my love and hug him tight!
Okay? :D


Saw #The Fault in Our Stars last night, ended up weeping...snob snob...

Slow in the beginning but gets momentum and you delve easily into the story..Eulogy of both of them is Awesome. Does that make sense to you? Go, Watch It! I am a romantic, not a critic! :D


I better hit the road now, its getting late..
I'll Party Party Party ;p

See you tomorrow,
Diary Dear! ;D

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Will You?

What if someday you go silent..when you are out of words to explain what's wrong? When you are scared that your words will hurt...When you are scared of the distance it might bring? When you feel...faded, scarred and unlike you...? What then? Whose hand will you reach for? What will you choose? What will you do?

Will you not look at others, but me tonight?
Will you try a bit more to see through my smile?
Will you walk past a few days and wake me to another day?
Will you make me forget what wrong happened then, please say?

Will you erase my memory or at least give it a try?
Will you let me cry in your arms and not ask me why?
Will you not be rude and drain your smile?
Will you not get angry with my emotions for some while?

Will you not shift to stiffness and switch your gadgets on?
Will you not hate me for asking you to do this, will you get along?
Will you know I am looking for you and I am scared?
Will you see how my days, between the nights, are just layered?

Will you see I am broken and I need you to fix me?
Will you understand I want to let go of the pain I feel?
Will you keep my in your arms the whole time and adore?
Will you again look at me and make me sure?

Will you give me some time to forget that day I did weep?
Will you kiss me through the night and make me sleep?
Will you love me like the first time again today, if I ask you to?
Will you hold me again and say I love you?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

You are Crazy! I am Just Myself! ;D

I am a forever kid! I never wish to grow up in my manners. I never want to loose my cartoon fetish! I don't want to leave my teddy bears when I get married. I don't want someone else to touch my things when I am not there to protect them. I adore superheroes and super-women and I wish to fly like Shaktimaan. I love to sing Shinchan's title track and speak like buttercup! This is my side, of my life and I love it.

My kiddish behavior cannot decrease my knowledge, my baby talks do not change my feelings and My teddy bears are mine! STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I am staring you in the eye! 0.0

That's how I am. That's how I love myself. These are my colorful sides and I make people laugh with them. I love when they are pleased by my child like answers. They laugh at the jokes, not at me! If they do? Somebody, someday, will laugh at them! Because there's a child in all of us and we bring it out every now and then. Some love it, some love themselves more.

Ab aap hi batao,

O Uncles and Aunties,

        "100% Practical" Tag Ke Saath, Kaun Paida Hua Hai Aaj Tak???

Arre Sahab,

Bete ko Doctor, Engineer Banayiye,

Practical bohot dekhen hain school ki labs me!!!


I enjoy life like I am born everyday. And I...Love Myself! Changing me, will cost you Facebook, Twitter and Google stocks! Do you own that much??


Alas! Not everyone is like this. Not everyone is happy with themselves. Not everyone is appreciated everyday. Not everyone is loved all the time. Accept.. the child inside you.

So, go splash some water on your face, switch on some cartoons, burst some balloons, save a hostage with your virtual gun, drive a car and win the race! Get your asses to work and learn how to think.


Yes, you are grown ups, or may be you just behave like that. So, remind yourselves and remember,

You are hell crazy and You are fooling around! ;)


I promote my #BeingaChildMovement!
I am still young Diary Dear!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

When will the day end?

So I heard, I 'could' get a hike this month. Do you think I was in the air for a while?? Well, you're right! I was. But I am highly skeptical about our new, highly confused Human Resource Professional. Sadly, here in this world, people who cook good are receptionists, people who look good are editors, people who don't work are in sales, people who do not know the keyboard shortcuts are writers, people with bad language skills are developers and the rest are either getting married or are having a baby!

So this leaves us with only two smart minds! Me and You! So let's think together! Will I get a hike? Or Not? What do you think?

You want to know how I work? Yeah, apart from writing blogs, tweeting, facebooking, instagraming and exploring my phone, I work well! Well enough to deserve a hike at least! Well enough to remain at par. So you better think of me as a nerd here...and pray for my hike!

"I will Find you and Kill you"!!! ;p


Yesterday, my sister said, she got scared of my blogs, they were too long for her to read! She said she tried and failed, and so did some of my lazy friends who never had a thing for this language :D Not my fault guys, go watch some Pogo!

This ain't for you kid! :D

One of my friends is viral now! Uhm...I mean her video is viral on you tube! Ahem..Ahem..and she seems to have gone with the flu! ;p Isn't responding. Better call it 'Fame' :D

See here, the girl with the curls:

Hmmm...impressive huhh!!


I have been publishing since morning and now I am pretty much exhausted, so before I pass out, I need to sign out. See you tomorrow guys with another beautiful morning!

*Shit my Tea has gone cold* *Fckkk Maynnn* *When will the day end?*

Diary Dear!!!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Begin your day like this EVERYDAY!! :)

I entered office in an all fun mood, totally motivated to work and I finished off pretty well! But when I saw and overheard others, I realized...some of my mates were dragging their sorrows of yesterdays while some didn't start their mornings well..and some were angry at their subordinates writing shit in their mails to them. You may have a different story altogether, so I thought, why not write about it! Why not share how I think a morning can leave an ever lasting impression on your life! Why not remind people what they already know! 

So here are some reminders for you ...

SmileThere is nothing in the world which can stop you from smiling. Stretch those rainbows on your face and thank god for your life as the first thing in the morning. In long run, you'll form a habit of forgetting your past every morning and wake to a happier, new 'you' and a new 'day'!

Show Some LoveHug your loved ones beside you in bed, cuddle with them, kiss them, make love to them! Trust me, sometimes, love shower in the mornings are the reason why even shitty days go great!

Get Up SlowlyDon't Rush! You can always spare 10 seconds of getting up slowly from your bed! Your spinal cord takes time to stretch and relax itself. Ever complained of morning sprains, back aches and shoulder pain? Well, you know the reason now!

Experience NatureHeard about it a hundreds of times! No? But there are reasons to it.
See the birds, feel the air, go for a walk if you can. You'd realize how beautiful your silence and nature's music is!

Pamper YourselfLook into the mirror and admire yourself. Take a bath and flaunt your hair. Give a beautiful compliment to yourself everyday. 'Wow, I look so good'
By the way, please take care of yourself, which you don't mostly. Love yourself and your flaws. Because, When you admire yourself, you no longer wait for compliments from the world! Believe that you are the best! And you will be throughout the day!

Eat! Eat! and Eat!Yes, food is one of the most important part of your happiness! When your stomach is full, you don't fuss about being hungry or broke and your attention is shifted to something more important! Your brain functions properly. You don't crib about people, you don't eat people's minds! So get on the breakfast table and EAT before you leave!

Listen to Music!Make a playlist of your best songs on 3 moods- Romantic (Soft), Motivational and Rush!

This pretty much sums up your emotions!

Romantic or soft music: keeps your energy conserved. You save your patience for your workplace. It is also for the times when you are with your partner and you wish to have some day dreams! ;) (Girls, I understand you ;p)

Motivational: You know there is a lot of work on your desk, so this playlist is for the days when you have a hard(working) day ahead! Remember MONDAYS???

Rush is for I-got-late-today-mornings!
Ok, so you are super late for your office today and you are struggling to reach on time? Play this and target yourself to finish off everything and reach office before the playlist ends.
The speedy songs will motivate you to reach in time!!! Start Now!

Greet AllOnce you reach office, Smile Again...Greet all...Get your pitch high and say....
Good Morning Guys...How are you today???

And Lastly,
In case you have a mail offending you, tell your mind to f*ck them off, close the mail, have some water, do something else for a while. And when your mind is completely focused, give the finest and the calmest reply stating a valid reason! Ask hem to have patience as patience solves the toughest of situations!

Don't traumatize your mornings please! They are beautiful, delicate and fragile! Handle them with care as they shape your day on most days! Well, I don't know if my philosophies will help you or not but yes, they don't bite either, try them and let me know ;)


By my
Philosophical Diary Dear!!! ;)

Bailando #Enrique !!! ;)

Ahh!! Monday Again...but this time I'm fresh and happier! In full swing to work and love ;)!

What an amazing weekend this was! Utilized to every second, lived in every bit! Handling all the bank work, exploring my new phone, eating in famous restaurants, sending the pending couriers, getting high and passing out, early rise and cuddles, watching flicks one after the other and loving the company of the most handsome man on earth! God, I am so grateful to you! :)

*I look at you and it feels like paradise (estoy en otra dimencion)
You got me spinning, got me crazy, got me hypnotized*


Have you heard of Bailando #Enrique??? Listening to it excites my curves and feet! There is something about this song and I know I can't stop myself from grooving to it if its buzzing around. No matter if I am in a packed metro, I HAVE to stir my feet and pretend moving because of the inertia of the metro stoppages! Hein Hein..

*I wanna be contigo
And live contigo, and dance contigo
Para have contigo*

Back in office there's a good announcement waiting for us! Two long extended weekends are coming up in October. Unlike my predicted horoscope, no money is on its way. But yes, Trips and Festivals are certainly heading to us! 'Majja aa rahi hai'!!! :D So where are you heading to?

*I can’t wait no more (ya no puedo más)
I can’t wait no more
(ya no puedo más)*
See it fits in all situations!!:D


"You love to see me smile and laugh, you take my hand when I'm low, you click crazy pictures of mine and make crazier tattoos on my face, you make me listen to hollywood's top tracks and the best horror movies ever made, you take me to beautiful places far away from my dreams, you are only one who can make my best side alive! Love, I just want you to know that I love you... and will do it in every breath I breathe, every sound I hear, every step I take! Everything I do!"...

*You Got me feeling like I’m flying, like I’m out of space*


With all my happiness,
Bailando Diary Dear! :) :*

Friday, 22 August 2014

Hello Again, Whatsapp!! ;D

It feels so pacifying!!!!!!!!!!


So for one final time, I called up Delhivery guy to confirm if my order will get delivered today or not and headed for the meeting. He assured me of it. The meeting was too short, lasted about an hour. (Which usually begins by this time, warm up sessions, you see!)
A little less exhausted and moved, I came out of the room with everyone else. I almost forgot about the call I made in the last hour when I crossed the reception.
Suddenly my eyes met with a beautiful, tiny, small little brown box calling out my name. "Here I am, Take me in your arms, hold me tight, kiss me.. :D "!!! And that was when I popped up like a child and held my Moto E for the first time!!!

I am so relieved! We are so relieved!

New Whatsapp Status??

*I am Back Biatchhh :D*!!!


Now I am a little confused on whether to head home tonight or not? ;p You see exploration demands a lot of sincere time and effort :D And I have to pay attention to it..a LOT of it :D


P.S. @abeniel - Yes I have got my Moto you can do the honors from tomorrow and guide me to the light :D


Entering a new phase,
With Diary Dear :D

Hungry Kya? Grab a Blog! ;P

Pizzas are my favourite. No Matter What!!! I can even have it when I am asleep! Foodie dreams are always better than seeing Shahrukh Khan. I can even have pizzas when I am broke, only because I am sad that I ain't got no money! So why not buy a pizza with my last shells! And still be happy :P.
I can eat it when I am not hungry. There's always some space left in my stomach after having food...for a slice of it. I crave for it every week...all 7 days. If I get a question..PIZZA? My answer would be "FOREVER".

I had it last night and now I am craving for it again. :p

Oh Pizza my Pizza!!!
Come to Mama!!!


Just saw how twitter raised my blog reads in 8 hours. Crazy Rise! A 60 in a night. Whooosh! It's too good for me. I am loving it! ;) Sooo Goooddd!!! :D

Wondering why am I only talking about food and stealing away taglines of fast food joints. Looks like I am too hungry today. I need more feeds. :D Perhaps, I need a pizza! *Is anyone in a mood to treat???*


We went to collect my phone last night and to our shock, the address was an abandoned building. How can a company like Flipkart deal with a shitty courier service providers like Delhivery who quote their customers with fake addresses! Only to waste their time! It meant so much to me. To Us. Now I am just waiting for the order to get delivered. Not even half as excited as I was. But my concern is we have already paid for it and tomorrow is an off, so if they fail to deliver it today...I will have to cancel it.

Alas! I am really pissed at Flipkart this time. Horrible experience. Delhivery Customer Services are really poor! In all my calls I got vague replies, vague promises. I am Hopeless! This was my last order from both of the companies. *PERIOD*.

I am so hungry I can eat both the companies! ;p

Back to the office and another new addition on our shoulders is waiting for us! Why can't they wait for one thing to get finished? Anyways, I love my company, no matter how much work is there. It is a good thing right? :P
Maybe! :D

So heading to work now...Thank you for reading...and get me something to eat now! ;p A pizza would do :D


With a hungry stomach,
Eat Diary Dear :D

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Meethi Meethi Mornings!!!

It reminds me of 'US'
Love is beautiful. And so are the mornings, the evenings, the mid-days, the night!

Last night I was this nuts about how crazily things are falling on us in office. You see, it's a hell lot of weight on our shoulders. I guess our minds will go for a sole toss or a long walk! We need some air! We need a break! A paid vacation! *And a few more editors please*. God! Even writing about it is exhausting. Sigh. Especially when your hike is due. And your cell phone is stuck in a transit and you cannot get your hands on it.

And I was all frustrated with my professional life. He was trying to make me feel better. I remember that peck on the station, bilando in the metro, his 'Aur kaun hai yahan par?' in the middle of the street and all the times he said...'Arre Hasde'...on our way back home! I love you handsome! Thank you for talking it out and making me smile again.

This reminds me, I have to start controlling my anger. This is getting too much now. My temper skills are fading day by day. Too much of pampering I guess :P. I will...with time...


Before burying the lines on my forehead completely, I have to send some vibes across someone's way...

"If you were talking to someone, and I'd keep putting inputs of mine, no matter if the issue was related to me or not. How would you feel?? *MMT*.

Stop filling people with your advices, sometimes they don't need one!

I am glad I can bitch it out with him. It brings so much of peace on my road! :p

Have to go visit my family tonight. Yes, I don't want to. I never feel like leaving him alone :p. Never after beautiful mornings like these, when I get a lot of Meethi Meethi Chocolates...Sometimes I wonder if he can read my mind or what? :D

'Aji Sunte Ho? Khana time pe kha lena..Main jaldi aa jaungi ;) Mumumuah!!!

(The feeling of a being a better half is so pacifying, you can only experience it in love).


Take Care,
Diary Dear :)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

An Artist and Some Patience! Muah!

He's an amazing artist! He was making a doodle last night and it looked outstanding! I just couldn't believe how magically his criss cross lines made one figure after the other. I was surprised every time! I still remember the first time I visited his place with him. I found a lot of sketches kept hay-way. Trust Me, they were worth living for. Even if some great Spanish artist with a canvas and some paints would stand in front of him, he would lose in milliseconds! I am not going overboard, I am just trying to explain how beautiful his work is!

And mind you, the sketches he makes are the same which you would like to hang on your walls for the rest of your lives! Your sketches! People's Sketches! Actors! Friends! Characters! All and every!!!

And the one which he was neatly carving with his pen, decorating them with stories of his art teacher and how he could enter NID; was marvelous! National Institute of Design, you deserve him! He's your moon in the sky!

I could see how much of hardwork goes into making a single doodle. The time, The imagination, The effort! The sweat! The hunger! God! He's Talented just like me ;)


I made this yummy cabbage to lunch today. Didn't try making it after 2010. So you can imagine my condition and the amount of risk I, as an Indian Lady in the Kitchen, was taking! Specially when I have my best critic with me who tells me when he loves it, and even when he doesn't. Helps me grow. Helps me learn! xoxo!

I have been having hiccups from past few days, guess rest of the family is missing me. After what my brother did, I don't feel like heading over there again. Yet, this is life. Will visit them tomorrow! After I get to hold the new Moto in my hands. :D


Okay so I have shuffled google a lot of times now. I've seen what the Moto box has, the features, the operations yadda yadda!

But My Phone isn't here yet! I am waiting for it to get delivered. Counting backwards and forwards. But There is no sight of it. Door Door Tak Koi Naamo Nishaan Nhi Hai'. I am anxious now. I think
I need to look for it on the streets of Delhi. Duh! I'm getting nervous and ...crazy...!

Earlier I wasn't in a mood to buy it. But then I realized.... how much I needed it to be in touch with a lot of people. How much I loved it when I had one! How much would he love, to play with not one but two phones now :D. I suddenly agreed.

I was lured into it :p.


Where's My Phone??????

P.S. Best Stress Buster- RED LIPSTICK!

With Waiting Eyes on the door,
Moto Diary Dear ;)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Happy Birthday Kaanha!

Oh What a Sleep!

Yester-night was great! The music, late night dinner, lots of talks and a loving partner!  Muah!
Saves the Day.

So, finally, the rise of Krishna gifted me a beautiful night and a new day is at my doors!

Happy Birthday Kaanha!

E.T. is beeping in my ears and I am waiting for my new phone. :D
Yeah it gets delivered tomorrow! Am I excited? Yes of course! Who wouldn't be?

No matter how much I despise technology in a relationship, I think I need it for myself as well. To understand how easy or difficult it becomes for me to gel with it and my closed ones. To know if I can balance it out without harming any bond, without getting angry at the beeps, without hating the rings or the games on it. I want to change my views. I want to enjoy that time which I want him to enjoy! I want to accompany him and understand him and his love for technology. I want to put myself in his shoes and cross this stage. Wish me luck. I wish to get better.


 Another bundle of work is at our desks today. Seems like we're drowning.
And I wish to say something to the heads,

I am Sorry-e-to! Just like Buurr-e-to! :D


Happy Janamashtami
Diary Dear :)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Monday Blues!

Where have all the days gone? It was a Friday a while ago. I just woke up from a nap and it's Monday again! Sad!

I've recently discovered, I don't like Mondays. The rush, the sleep deprived eyes, the non-functioning brain; I don't like being dragged by Mondays to wake me up. This is sad but I am not loving my work. I am not loving it here anymore. It has gone monotonous, energies have drained, work loads have increased manifolds. I am not happy as much as I was quite a while back. Salaries are a driving force but...provided you get the hike at the right time. I am bothered by the lure of money. I can't quit because I need it, I can't prolong the association because my heart doesn't allow me to. We all know who wins when it comes to money v/s heart!

Some say it's time to switch. I feel the same. But I don't know. May be it's temporary. May be it'll pass. Maybe it's just a phase. Maybe I am over-thinking.

I don't know it's hard to put my finger on something right now.


It hurts when you hurt someone. Unknowingly, Unwillingly, Unintentionally. It does. And what hurts the most is when you do not know what to do. When you do not know how to let go. How to stop thinking about it. How not to remember it after every thought you have. How to let it out. How to get back to normal. How to be sorry...I don't know.


I wish I could go back in time and get my last three days into place. I wish I could re-live the extended weekend again and again. I wish there was no Monday to wake me up. I wish I could cuddle with my love and sleep like that. I wish......the day ends soon.


It's what we all do...
Work Diary Dear...

Thursday, 14 August 2014

He Won!!!!!!!!


The results are out!!!

So, here it goes, he's the Best Dressed Male!!! for today.

And the chocolates are mine!!!! Ahh Finally! :D

So, like a supporting Actress for my Award,
Here are my Sobs and Sighs!!! :D

And if you ask who's the best dressed female?
Well, Ugh..not me so..that's not important! :P

Waise Aapne Suna Hai Na?

'Har Kaamyaab Aadmi ke Piche Kisi Aurat Ka Haath Hota Hai' :D

I am his queen! He is my King and you can't change the legacy Biatch :p !!!

Chalo now I have to click a lot of photos with him. So, I better get ready for another victorious moment!

*Getting Clicked with the Best Dressed*

:* Muah Love,


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Vote for Me :D

Since Yesterday I am applauding my own self for winning the title for the 'Best Dressed Female' which I haven't even won by now :D The results and the voting prior to that, is yet to take place and my beam of confidence is on my head already! Thank You Thank You. :D

So like an ideal competitor, I will pretend like it's okay (Leonardo) that I didn't win (Just in Case) :P It's all a game! Happens! Sympathies and sobs attached! I'll be a supporting Actress if somebody else snatches the tag away today.

Oka Doka! So I am wearing this black and Neon Pink Suit that I shopped yesterday. I know I'll hear a lot about it when we'll be broke by the end of the month :P But Hell Ya! I love it. Quoting a 'Black Bindi'! Viola!

And I just love these occasions when I get to flaunt myself in front of him. Oh by the way, he too is looking the most handsome man in his White Kurta Pyjama with a greyish-black waist coat! Uhmmm...Let me hug him and come back ;) ... 'He's already the Best Dressed for Me' :)


Hahaha,,Today on the eve of Independence Day, My Chilhood Best Friend wants to know what love is and some related set of questions! She says I'm in it, so I should be knowing what is it! :P
Love is 'Him'. I think that this answer pretty much sums up what I think of Love. And I've defined it too.

But has she understood it? Ofcourse Not. :P

When you sum up everything in someone

your days your night, your sorrow your smiles,
your heart your mind, your god your shrine,
your future your dreams, your scenery your streams,
your family and friend, you life your end!

Then is time you call it love.

Oops I almost forgot to make a vote appeal,

"I want to Thank my Life Partner for this, he deserves it all :) "

Uhm..did I just give my Thanking speech???? :P

Well....Save It For Later :D


With Lots of Luck,
All the Best Diary Dear! :D

SHOR In the City Guides! :D

Oh Mayn! What a Rush!

He says it's like 'I have to sell my Ferari for a ford fiesta' :D :D

Office works and deadlines are sometimes so deadly! That they almost kill you!

Deadlines are always in the bad hour! Always.
Whenever we feel we are at par with our work, something or the other pops up. Pulling us down on the Level One of the Game! Like a shark getting hit by a Jellyfish! BAMM! And you're Out!
I wonder if points are counted in the end?

Bosses! Do you notice we finish them before time?

The time for our increment is nearing by. And these uninvited pop-ups just frustrate us to the core. Arghh!! HULK!!!

"Paise Badhao *()&^%$# Ahem Ahem"

And specially when you are not too good with patience, anger takes over 'too quick and too easy'.


I am glad I can help him sometimes. Being in the same profession helps! Trust Me. You get to do a lot of things together. When I was in my 18th year, I always wondered how will it be if I fail to understand and acknowledge my Man's profession and his working approach? That scared me! Not anymore. Whenever I prove as an asset to the most smallest of his jobs, I feel proud! I feel alright! I don't feel the fear. He is so creative all the time, I feel I can match up sometimes. I feel good.


Now that he's relieved...Now that I am relived..
It is time for some fine music, some good swears, real good food and great movies!
Bhaaakkk Saaallaaa!!!

With a lot of body pain,
Signing Off!
Thanks for listening Diary Dear! :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Why is Money so Important?

It takes away your mornings, follows you till miles...It bothers your head, it ruins your smile,
You stand alone, it takes you away, A devil to bliss, Yes I must say...
Money, O Money, O Money will you please, Stop being a mess, Stop being a misery!
The way you hurt me, I cannot console, I cannot heal, myself anymore!

Why is money so important? I do not even have 20 bucks in my pocket but I am happy! I don't see any connection of money on my happiness! And it should be that ways, don't you think?
I guess Beggars (Real Beggars, not who earn more than me) are the happiest on earth, they haven't seen regular monthly money flow and they enjoy what they have. Family!


Every month I get my Paychecks and within a week or so, with the blessings of various miscellaneous Kharchas, not even half of it breathes till the 10th of the month. And this is your story too! It's all the same! But does that make me sad? Maybe, this is one good thing about me. It never puts me to grief. But when I see my closed ones in grip of it, there is nothing in the world that I despise that much!

It is hard to survive without it. I agree. But It's harder to live with it. You 'd Agree.

Being a girl I have more expenses to make every month. No matter wherever I am. No Matter how much I save. I have to spend on things. And I do.

'Paisa Haath ki Mayl Hota Hai, Ise Bachate Nahin Udate Hai'
Thanks Ranbir!

No, I am not asking you to blow your salaries off today! I am just asking you to stop being so silly to cry over money. It will eventually be spent.

If you think, all loose expenditures you made, 'could have been avoided'. You are wrong. It was meant to happen. What is gone is gone, you cannot go back and 'avoid it' in the past. Believe it or not. You cannot change what happened. Its Gone. Its Over. End of Story. Period!

You can only avoid it in the present. Because future is a Biatch. It will ask you to shed money. More Money. And More Money.

After all it's Modi's Sarkar and 'Aur...Bohot Ache Din Aane Waale Hain'.

So chuck it! Fuck it!

Even if you get broke today, you will have someone's back! You will have some money eventually. It is Money! There's no point of  it to stop flowing. Look into your past. It has come to you in someway or the other. And it will now as well! What is important is to live the moment which will never come back! Your morning when you were upset, the way you behaved when you were upset, the people you thudded when you were upset! It'll never come back. It's wasted now.

I have wasted my beautiful morning as well, but as they say,
'It's never too late'...specially when you have to change things in a better way.
So I am going to take my turn and Smile. Like I always do.

But I have something for you...

So here are the three Golden Rules for you, in case you too are repenting over your money that is gone:

1. Save, whatever you can. And forget, what you couldn't.

2. Money Matters, but more than that your happiness matters!

3. Some people love you and your happiness matters to them, So for them.... Smile! (Genuinely please :p ) 


And dare you copy that poem in the beginning. I wrote it! I'll Kill You if you ever did ;p

From a possessive writer.
Lots of Love!
Diary Dear! :)

When Silence Takes a Backseat!

Today I see myself as a would-be-wife of his. But some people are more concerned about me and my live-in lifestyle, than I am. Also about my carefree attitude towards all. And about how I get high and stay out in the nights with him. They say-No! Don't!

It is the same feel what a woman goes through when she is asked not to wear skirts! Or not to walk out late on roads!

I ask these people-Why?

Why can't I live my life? Why can't I chose my lifestyle? Why can't I go out in the night and party till I drop? Why can't I stop thinking about who you are and start thinking about who am I? Why can't I enjoy my freedom and love it?

I have my life, Please Live Yours,
In case you are not too useless to do so!


Anyways, I think sometimes you are not responsible for people talking shit and going away. So you shouldn't be guilty as well!

As he puts it, " If they don't respect you, they are not entitled for it either. It's your life and you are happy. They should see it". I love him!


Trust me, there is no better feeling in this world, than love. Than being with him. Than smiling after he consoles me. It is so complete that I don't miss anyone on this earth now. Anyone! Even in my weakest moments when I do, he holds me tight and brings me back to life! When I cook for him and he eats everything I make (No matter how spicy or raw it is), I realize how much he cares about me. When I organize his place, our place, the pacified smile on his face is my trophy! When he irons my clothes with his, I feel like cupping his face and kissing him hard! Hugging him and becoming a child again when he's in his best moods is amazing. When I go back to my family in another town, no wonder I miss him like hell. He is my Life! And these are not just words.

And he's the reason I am Happy.
Uhm..Well, right now he's in front of me and he's wondering what am I into!
So I should better grab his attention now :P

And a final word to the critics,
'Stop barking, you make a lot of noise! It's disturbing me.'

Bye for now...
See you Diary Dear!