Monday, 25 August 2014

Begin your day like this EVERYDAY!! :)

I entered office in an all fun mood, totally motivated to work and I finished off pretty well! But when I saw and overheard others, I realized...some of my mates were dragging their sorrows of yesterdays while some didn't start their mornings well..and some were angry at their subordinates writing shit in their mails to them. You may have a different story altogether, so I thought, why not write about it! Why not share how I think a morning can leave an ever lasting impression on your life! Why not remind people what they already know! 

So here are some reminders for you ...

SmileThere is nothing in the world which can stop you from smiling. Stretch those rainbows on your face and thank god for your life as the first thing in the morning. In long run, you'll form a habit of forgetting your past every morning and wake to a happier, new 'you' and a new 'day'!

Show Some LoveHug your loved ones beside you in bed, cuddle with them, kiss them, make love to them! Trust me, sometimes, love shower in the mornings are the reason why even shitty days go great!

Get Up SlowlyDon't Rush! You can always spare 10 seconds of getting up slowly from your bed! Your spinal cord takes time to stretch and relax itself. Ever complained of morning sprains, back aches and shoulder pain? Well, you know the reason now!

Experience NatureHeard about it a hundreds of times! No? But there are reasons to it.
See the birds, feel the air, go for a walk if you can. You'd realize how beautiful your silence and nature's music is!

Pamper YourselfLook into the mirror and admire yourself. Take a bath and flaunt your hair. Give a beautiful compliment to yourself everyday. 'Wow, I look so good'
By the way, please take care of yourself, which you don't mostly. Love yourself and your flaws. Because, When you admire yourself, you no longer wait for compliments from the world! Believe that you are the best! And you will be throughout the day!

Eat! Eat! and Eat!Yes, food is one of the most important part of your happiness! When your stomach is full, you don't fuss about being hungry or broke and your attention is shifted to something more important! Your brain functions properly. You don't crib about people, you don't eat people's minds! So get on the breakfast table and EAT before you leave!

Listen to Music!Make a playlist of your best songs on 3 moods- Romantic (Soft), Motivational and Rush!

This pretty much sums up your emotions!

Romantic or soft music: keeps your energy conserved. You save your patience for your workplace. It is also for the times when you are with your partner and you wish to have some day dreams! ;) (Girls, I understand you ;p)

Motivational: You know there is a lot of work on your desk, so this playlist is for the days when you have a hard(working) day ahead! Remember MONDAYS???

Rush is for I-got-late-today-mornings!
Ok, so you are super late for your office today and you are struggling to reach on time? Play this and target yourself to finish off everything and reach office before the playlist ends.
The speedy songs will motivate you to reach in time!!! Start Now!

Greet AllOnce you reach office, Smile Again...Greet all...Get your pitch high and say....
Good Morning Guys...How are you today???

And Lastly,
In case you have a mail offending you, tell your mind to f*ck them off, close the mail, have some water, do something else for a while. And when your mind is completely focused, give the finest and the calmest reply stating a valid reason! Ask hem to have patience as patience solves the toughest of situations!

Don't traumatize your mornings please! They are beautiful, delicate and fragile! Handle them with care as they shape your day on most days! Well, I don't know if my philosophies will help you or not but yes, they don't bite either, try them and let me know ;)


By my
Philosophical Diary Dear!!! ;)

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