Monday, 15 September 2014

Because I'm Happy :)

(It might seem crazy what I'm about to say...)

He says nazar lagg jaati hai logon I am not writing about him and our story today :P. Instead I am travelling back in time to recollect my days I missed, by not blogging them down. Maybe, I just want to say... I am back!(Sunshine she's here, you can take a break!!)
Somebody influencial read my blog that evening and he was responsible for my hike. Do you know how does that feel when you write about someone and he/she reads it and turns out to be your Boss? Uhm...shit mayn! Wrong Strings. ;p (I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space)

Sadly, I decided not to write at all. I wasn't feeling good about something. Funny but...I wanted to stop...But, sometimes all you need is time. And time is time you know. It passes. :D And no matter what people say or think, you do what you think you should do! And I am doing the same.
(With the air, like I don't care baby by the way)

By the way, I got hiked, I can spend more now, save more now and I can gift him some more now :D Lols. I love blogging. I love talking. I love eating your heads till you stop saying stop.:p. So, here I go again :)

Because I'm Happy :P


Last Sunday I wanted to have golgappas and chaat paapdi. So he took me to a place which could satisfy my cravings. God, it was HUGE mayn. Not the place, but the thing I ate. Thrice as much as my mouth is. A huge golgappa with lots of chaat-paapdi stuffed in it. I don't know why they called it Raj-Kachoori? And not paadi kachoori or gappa kachoori? or gol-paapdi? Whatever..that name is not suiting you Mr. Raj-whosoever you are! Hein.

Later on, dining at Andhra Bhavan became a task for me. Yet, who on this earth would want to skip anything on that plate. I tasted all. (12 dishes to be precise) Burp!


I've somehow developed an addiction for movies. If I do not watch one in a day, I feel I have missed a huge chunk of motivation for the next dawn and he has shown me some real good horror flicks which have taken my screams out. So needless to say, I've developed a thing for Ghosts as well. I have a bad feeling...somebody is making me write all of this and he wants me to keep writing...and I can't stop... :0

hein hein hein!!!

And P.S. Love,
"I love You the most today baby...I'll love you more tomorrow..and...even more thereafter"

 These are my lines! I'm an original.

Yes, from the clan of Vampires! I am an original :D

Muah Muah! (Sorry couldn't are looking sooo handsome!)

(Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do!!! :D)
 Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap :D


Thanks Pharrell Buddy! :P

Happy to be back!
Diary Dear... :)


  1. It's called a Raj Kachori. Not gol gappa, not kachori gappa; a Raj Kachori. :P Puhhlleeezzz maayynnn

  2. Maybe I had a very bad one then..a Raj Kachori ..uhm...still isn't sounding well...chii mayn...Who's Raj?

  3. Doesn't matter. It's still Raj Kachori....and it's supposed to be yummm... :P


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