Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Affection Minus Public Displays

I want to travel soon to some place far off. A place yet to be explored. Where I feel I can breathe the air with nothing burning in it. A place which comes close to my experience in Manali. A place where my SD card loses memory. A place where I can eat, sleep, talk and walk like it's my home. A place out of this distraction of ISIS, Oscars and World Cup. A place which makes me crave to write about itself till I get out of words.

Where rain looks like a hundred thousand rainbow droplets.

Where the waterfall passing by the next hill becomes my favorite spot on Earth.
Where there are great, homely people around me whom I can trust forever that they would appreciate love and its supersonic consequences. Where I can run free, dance and sing and hop on spring beds without the fear of someone eye-ing around. In a room lit with sunlight and moonlight whose windows have a panoramic view of greenery and the breeze is just right. And most of all I want to hold his hand all throughout. Because there is no journey which will be as exclusive as it becomes with him. Not many people get this.

Sometimes I feel sad for the people who cannot understand the need to love and be loved. That holding each others hands and eating in a plate is not a public display of affection. It's just affection minus the public display. Funnier part is, that people involved in it don't even realize it 100% of the time. Because when you fall for someone, no matter how self dependent you are, you love losing yourself and doing those little things you never did. Though it sounds extremely mushy because I am a cancerian, but it's exactly what's on the platter of the couples.

Ironically, if some married newbies do the same stuff with their not-so-social contributions and additions to social media, the society accepts it readily. I feel pity for the people who believe love is only true from the moment you get married. And sad because they've missed the chance to love their partners early enough. All I've learned is, falling in love is a taboo here and expressing it too. Two friends sitting across each other and kissing each other on the cheeks is acceptable, married couples doing it is ethical but lovers share no space! Maybe MARS is for us. Earth is getting shallower!

Although I do agree there's a limit to everything but until then, people need to think over and let alone the couples. I don't say all relationships work out but I don't even agree that they don't. Why not give it a chance and go for it? Why not lend a smile to them and not creepy stares aunties? Why not notice how much they love each other friends? Why not talk it out, fathers? They might end up on your terms to get married and get an official stamp and a license to express love. But before that, a learners' should be allotted. Right?

After falling in love I have started to appreciate people in the same worlds. It's always the feeling I can understand the best. No matter how many times I have to convince people, but I will. Because I want to go to that trip and to all the trips like that with him for the rest of my life without somebody stopping me and asking, 'Shaadi Ho Gayi Kya?'

See you...in the hills..
Diary Dear!