Friday, 10 April 2015

An Amateur's Old Playlist

The music in your I-Pods or your cell phone playlists, brings so many neurons from your past! In mine, I have many punjabi movie songs worth doing Bhagda on :D And some of the greatest sensual types.Mainly because they were the songs which were great to sing and suited my voice. Irrespective of how the song's like, I loved them if they matched my throat. My partner in crime doesn't really comment on my choices in music. He has heard them so many times now after hating them, that he sings them with me :D *Tu Zaroori Sa Hai Mujhko..Zinda Rehne Ke Liye* :D

Back home, these singing sessions are hilarious when he deliberately takes out female voices and acts like a new hottie in town or the hero in love-dripping movies :D I love him. He makes me laugh my lungs out!! And somewhere in between it's like a real movie of a real life. I believe all of it and it gives me a chance to become an actress myself ;)

Well, I have been funny at instances too. Specially when high. Dancing to 'Coming Up Roses' was my latest dance number. :D I'm glad it isn't yet on Youtube :D. Else, I'd have to leave town and settle down somewhere in Himachal for peace. :P
After 'Bailando', I guess this hit has taken my foot to the dance floor, one after the other. And the second dancing number has to be 'No One Else Like You'. Oh it reminds me of Hugh Grant's music! 'Pop Goes My Heart' :D Christ!!!..It's a musical paradise!!
If ever I become a playback singer someday, I'd love to become the best! Once in a recoding studio after my chorus lines were over, the head of the studio said my voice loves Hollywood tracks. I'd like to try that once again. See if I still have the same love for music. ;)


See you in the studio,
Diary Dear