Saturday, 6 June 2015

Best Couple Ever!

What if god makes you meet with your crazier side? Who is exactly like you- truly, madly, deeply weird! As time passes, the weirdness exaggerates and multiplies! No matter where you are, with whom you are, how many friends you have; everybody knows what are you both up to. Your craziness is supreme and uncontrollable on certain days of the calendar- yesterday, today and tomorrow! While some people can't stand you, others love to follow you.

We wanted to extract some of the insane moments from the lives of crazy lovers today. Perhaps, there's a bit of you somewhere in this article. Find yourself!

The Drunk Days Have Created Your Best Memories!

You've Handled Each Other With Care, Extreme Care

Some Days You Just Had To Be Upfront!

You Didn't Care About The Money, Did You?

Your Dance Moves Have Always Been Unique, Really

This was the Most Epic Fight Ever In History For You! Thumbs Down!

No Wonder How You Proposed Each Other!

John Mayer? Zayn Malik? Oh Puhleez! Never!

Every Relationship Has Ups and Down, Yours Have This!

You've Literally Been There, Done That!

Eventually One Day You'll Become This

P.S.  Congratulations Aashu,  I love you! ;)
Khi Khi
Diary Dear

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