Friday, 5 June 2015

Live Life, Stop Working!

People under pressure don't work better, they just work faster
-Tom DeMarco

Your work is a game altogether, you have to skip your meals, forget your schedule and tangle yourself inside a 100 feet deep pit where the internet should be working, the timer should be active and your sleep should be dead. Each time you finish your deadlines, you shoot yourself a little up with pride, and when it doesn't, the pit digs itself in frustration. You have no off-days, no Sundays, no weekdays, no weekends. I want to know why not skip it when it's longer than your 9 to 5 hours of extreme grilling? Why not spend time with your family and your loved ones at the cost of quarter of a rupee?

Yesternight, I read a few cases of people dying out of overwork and pressure. They outdid themselves and their heart beats as well, and finally found peace.

Don't do it to yourself. Just skip some second, relax and listen!

Your body is exactly like a machine. When you put some pressure on it, some parts work faster (like your heart and your brain). For a while you might think that you are making the most of your time, by waking up and throwing in all your energies to something constantly. But with time, the fuel which in going inside your veins to lend that energy to you, dies off. And the only way to replenish that is by taking some time out and straightening your kickass schedule. Like this:

Source: The Silverlink

I know you are passionate and willing to work. But for a while, just forget which road you are on. Don't be angry for a while and let loose the chains you're in. Stop working! Weekend's Here!

Guys, Wake up! Take a breath, throw that couch, disorganize your work-desk, trim your hair, get a bath, eat something healthy, call your family, call your lover, open the doors, take a walk out, go to a park, play with a kids, listen to some music, dance on the streets! In short, get lost!

You work will follow anyway. Why miss the chance to notice that you're still young, energetic and appealing? Why skip the seconds to make yourself happy? A few days won't cost you much will they?

Three things to end this saga:

1. Your body is not mine, not anyone's; except your own. So if you take care of it, you will be the profit owner. 100% of the shares!

2. Your laptops and your cell phones need to rest! And so does your eyes!

3. Let's not get into that. GO TO SLEEP.

Diary Dear

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