Monday, 20 July 2015

How To Spend Your Entire Day When You Are Not With Your Special Someone!

No, it isn't a motivational article, so I beware you to behold your expectations and chuck them later. This goes to all the lovers on the Earth who are not with their loved ones right now. May be they are at work, or with their families, or at their friend's place, maybe at a meeting, worst of all- sleeping! But, don't be sad. I have a few tips for you. Tried and Tested methods to make your days amazingly interesting while your bae is out somewhere!

BTW, if you ask me about it, days like these are really tough sometimes. But here is what you should do!

Feel Sad, Get Depressed As You Are Not With Them

But, Try & Begin Your Day By Working Hard

And Then..Lose All Interest!

Write Long Mails and Whatsapps Full Of Feelings

Call Them Like 80 Times in 20 Minutes

Tell Them You Miss Them...

Pray For The Day To End _/\_

Skip Food! Practically Starve For Them! :D

Talk About Him/Her Whole Day And Bore The Hell Out Of Someone!

Get Your Make Up Right When The Evening Comes..

And As You Proceed To Meet Him/Her

Sing a Song That Boosts Up Your Excitement!

Buy Some Flowers On The Way

And...Finally...Here You Are!

That's how it is like! Right?? Uhm..I guess so ... ;p

P.S. The Best Couple Ever if you love GIFs!

See you later,
Diary Dear!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

What New Clothes Do To You! :D

Last Sunday I went on a shopping spree and ended up buying 6 different attires to wear. Oh, how much fun it was. I lack a bit of fashion in my genes, but gladly, I had my partner with me, who by the way, is the smartest advisor I've ever known! Since then, everyday I put on a new piece of cloth and trust me it cheers me up whenever I cross a mirror of any form :D #GirlsTalk

Don't you agree that clothes which fit perfectly, always act like boosters to the positive ions in your head? Have you ever felt happy when someone notices your new shirts, jackets, tops et al? And isn't is amazing to buy them in the first place? Of course! Who on this planet would not want new clothes?

Remember when you bought that tuxedo? And when you wanted to look your best at your farewell? Think of those Prom Nights and Birthdays which would have been so useless without you heading to the malls to buy yourself a set of them! And I will not miss the fact that when it comes to Indian weddings, people become extravagant and exuberant in buying their perfect cottons, linens and nets. Take into account that beautiful girl and that handsome guy who dressed up so well that evening! Rememeber how your eyes were glued to them? Well, that is the magic of clothes.

Now if I remind of that shabby driver or that clumsy colleague, you would surely part ways from me. I, at one time, was somehow like both of them :D. Don't judge me. Everybody grows with time, you know! At least I did. :D (Wint at you Aashu ;)

In short,

Happiness is proportional to the number of clothes you buy at one single time. More clothes, more happiness!!!

So in case, you are not doing much good and really wish to stay happy for the next few days, please do some shopping! :D

Much Love
Diary Dear!

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Weekend Monsoon!

Things have been a bit topsy turvy for me last week. I couldn't really work it out. But, finally and thankfully the weekend arrived and so did my birthday. These last 3 days were like a trip to a hill station with rains lashing our verandas. Happiness came with the clouds and it rained for 3 long days at a stretch. I believed they brought me loads of blessings. Indeed, they did. I was gifted with my love by my side for the entire weekend. Oh, how much I loved it! Best Weekend Ever! I got everything that I wanted. Of course, with chocolate cake and roses :D

Today, I am more relaxed than ever. More happy than ever. And oh yes! not to miss, more beautiful than ever ;D

Although, I've gained weight. Gaining too fast. My face looks plumpy and close ups aren't as good as I imagined. Lolz. I planned on doing exercises a while back but you know, sometimes waking up at 6 in the morning to stretch your bodies isn't a fancy treat as you ever thought it will be. However, in my case; most of the time my beer-belly looks so cute that I really don't feel like getting rid of it :D

I wonder how people get those firm arms. I need them too. My chittiyan kallaiyan are still too slim. Yet, this gifted watch looks so pretty :)

See you at 6:30
Diary Dear