Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Why I Want To Travel The World And You Should Too!

Why I Want To Travel The World And Why You Should Too!

When I first saw the huge mountains on the way to Manali, a sudden realization hit my mind, heart and soul. This is it! This is where I belong! These mountains, this river, these waves of cold is all what I want around me. It was a moment of magic. A moment that changed my life forever! Being born and brought up in Delhi makes you so prone to the traffic and the crowd that you sometimes..actually..all the times...forget there's a quaint world away from this metropolis waiting to be touched.

Why I Want To Travel The World And Why You Should Too!

Even though it's been more than 9 months that I last visited the hills, yet each time I think of my journey, those memories are reborn in my mind like they happened a minute ago. When the sound of the gushing Beas entered our rooms the moment the balcony door was opened, all our worries vanished. We sat and talked every evening like never before falling for each other bit by bit, second by second; accompanied by the winds caressing our faces. The Himalayas shined like a pearl in the ocean far away from us every morning, yet seemed so close. None of us realized when the walks turned into a hand in hand stroll. I can't seem to forget the spell tht was chanted on us on our journey. Indeed you will fall in love again whenever you will come to this part of the world. And it will be much more stronger from thereafter, just like these mountains standing tall, bearing all the chills of the fiery winds from up north.

Why I Want To Travel The World And Why You Should Too!

And so I thought, if one destination on this Earth can be so enchanting, why not travel the world with the man I love? Isn't it a great opportunity to add more life to your breaths? I guess, it is. I want to explore all the nooks and corners of this country for starters, touch the farthest points and come back to these hills at the end with plenty of experiences and bundles of stories to echo to these hills.

Why I Want To Travel The World And Why You Should Too!

Think of your mundane lives, think of how you struggle to survive everyday. Think of how difficult some days are. Don't you want to put everything on the back-seat and rush far ahead for a while? Don't you want to shrug off the burden and break the monotony of this workaholic life? Don't you want to run away sometimes? Don't you want to truly talk and get heard? If yes, here are three most important reasons why you should travel the world starting today!

To Fall In Love!

Love is like a river, when it's flowing, when it's moving (inside you); it is alive! Stagnant things in life always lead us to sins and diseases. So, it is important to keep falling in love again and again, with the same person as much as possible in one lifetime. Always in a different manner of course. And that's what travelling does. It keeps you moving! It keeps the love alive and kicking :)

To Find Solutions
Travelling opens the doors of our conscience. It widens our horizons and makes us look at things from so many different angles. We learn so much when we are on the go that even before realizing, we have solutions to our problems. I remember at the begining of my journey I was greatly unhappy with some family issues, but when I came back I had solutions to my problems. I knew what I had to do. It just happened, just like that. And no matter you get the answers or not, but you will have the courage to face things at least.

To Be Happy
The most important reason so as to why you should travel is to be Happy! Leave the 'how?' to the journey and explore it for yourself. Because I am sure, you won't come back without a smile and a long list of memories!
So, Just Go!!! :) :)

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See you again,
Diary Dear!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I Am A Woman And This Is Serious!

I am a woman and...

I don't want to fight back if face-book or Instagram pulls down my photographs of stained bed sheets or shaved vaginas. I might, in the first place, never put it there. This doesn't make me submissive, but lets me have my part of privacy.

I am a woman and I will not walk naked on the streets only because men can do it too. Since the day I was born, I was fed and educated by people who were dressed, so I am like them now.


I am a woman and I was told not to remove my clothes and reveal my assets anywhere except the locked bathroom. I followed the directions all my life, what's so wrong in that? My brother was told the same.

I am a woman and I will never enter polygamy. Not because I feel I don't have the rights, but because I know I don't want them. Will it create history if a woman decides to stay with one man for all her life? 


I am a woman and I will not come out on the streets to say I'm on my periods. Not because I am 'down in enthusiasm or confidence', but because it is not as same as telling men about Brock Lesnar, Fast and Furious or Mathew McConaughey that'll appeal to them. Of course every man on Earth knows or will know about it. Why feel shame in not pinning a board on your terrace to tell people you are bleeding.


I am a woman and I have seen elders impose cultural and traditional 'not to do's' on me as well. But I choose not to slam them back with my conditional replies. Not because I don't want to be heard, but because it will never satisfy my ego on the whole or make me a day older than them.


I am a woman and I can work at home while my man is out working for us and our family. Not because I don't crave to work, but because his home needs me to be there. It has nothing to do with 'passion-killings'.


I am a woman and I do hate sometimes when there is no equal pay or opportunities like our male counterparts, but I am also sure there are things in which we are way up and I would never like to part ways with that, or come down to the level of men. And I am not sorry. I am a woman and I don't hate men.