Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How It Feels When An Adult Learns To Ride A Bicycle

Cycling Couple

Someday when somebody, just as needy as me, will land up on this page to know how it feels when an adult learns to ride a bicycle; my mission will be accomplished. Somehow 'learn to ride a bike in 5 minutes' doesn't work and so does 'how to ride a bike when you are old'. Neither will the words of the person, who is teaching you to 'hold the handle straight' or 'push the brakes slowly' or 'look on the road' shall help! Sadly and ironically, they will be right in anything they say! And it'll take you a couple of falls to understand that. That kid round the block who bullies you and laughs at you when you are on your bike, deserves his share of fun. Doesn't he? Of course not! Learn to bicycle and effing make him lose! Kiddo biatch!!

Cycling in Ladakh
Thanks to Windows 10 and that new wallpaper on the screen of my bae's laptop, which gave a kick to my confidence to learn to tame those two wheels and ride with him every Sunday morning. I was pumped with enthusiasm like you usually are in a James Bond movie. He tied my helmet, I pulled my jeans up, I jumped past half of the bicycle and it felt like I am now ready for a life-threatening stunt. Remember the scene when 007 was hanging by the running aircraft in MI? Think of it again and again until you feel you are the one holding that door. Won't take long. I was there! Right there with my wobbly hands and sweating head.

Learning To Ride A Bicycle

On my first session, I couldn't even move those tyres way past an inch. I was tired and hopeless at the end of that hour. I managed to fall twice, had a bruise on my leg, even got ulcers in my hands, but after all my pain came a time when I was ready to do it again. And that feeling my friend was "pacifying". You'll be surprized but I wanted to have more of it. Strangely, I started counting all the good moments and there were plenty of them! I recalled how my beloved ran along the bike, how happy he was when he clicked my pictures, how passionate he was about the ride and how much he loved it. It was like magic. It is true when they say, if you are looking for happiness, look at a person who is happy. And he was so happy for me and my efforts that I was motivated more than ever.

The second time I tried I could drive the bicycle to a couple of meters on my own and I felt so proud of myself that I tried and tried again. I tried managing the peddles at sometimes, and sometimes I focused on the handle. All things were good.

What I learnt after my two hourly sessions:

a) The man with you is your coach. Don't hit him with your bicycle :P

b) Never scratch or hit someone else's car, things can go wrong if their domestic helper catches you.

c) Try not to slap the kids who made fun of you right then. Wait for the appropriate time!

Let's see how my third session goes this time ;p

(Love You loads Aashu;)
See you soon Diary Dear!

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