Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Kitchen Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

Each time I stepped into the kitchen, I felt the dire need to have some of the handy kitchen gadgets to cut, clean, wipe and cook my most creative meals and platters. It was only after I came across this site that my cooking became much more exciting and easier. The latest collection of these super-time-saver kitchen tools and gadgets are not only useful but also attractive enough to please anyone’s eyes! I even got great discounts and deals on many of these! Today, I am sharing with you top kitchen tools and gadgets that I recently bought. Hopefully, they will help you out too..!

1.       Multi-Purpose Fruits & Vegetable Basket

This multi-purpose basket is great for draining, washing and cleaning fruits and vegetables. Now no more falling-off your fruits & veggies in the sink just put them in the basket and get rid of the unwanted dirt on their skin. You wouldn’t even mind keeping it on the dining table to serve fruits as it is so bright-coloured and beautiful.

Buy Here

2.       Fizz Saver & Dispenser

To be really honest, I bought it out of sheer curiosity than need but once I started to use it all my skeptical thoughts vanished away in a fizz. If you are tired of getting a sugar-ated drink rather than a carbonated one post first time you open the bottle, you gotta try this! This was so exhausting when I had to store the soda and other carbonated drinks for a while and halfway through all the fizz was gone, making the drinks sour and overly-sweet. But with this fizz saver and dispenser, you will always have the real bubbly, tingly feel on your tongue in every sip.

Buy Here

3.       Five Blade Herb Scissors

Do you know what can bring back a tired look on the face of a woman in the kitchen? Too much chopping! If something could reduce the effort, why not buy that for the woman you love! This five blade herb scissors is a great helper! Handy and portable, it is very convenient to cut scallions, chillies, herbs and even sea weed. You can use them with lettuce or noodles too. This multi-layer tool shears away almost any herb finely. So no more wastage of efforts or electricity for minor tasks like kelp chopping and shredding! Do it with these scissors.

Buy Here

 4.       Cucumbo Spiral Slicer 


Women love compliments, especially when she puts an effort to add a chef’s touch to your salads, main course, appetizers etc. A secret, she might have Cucumbo Spiral Slicer. Design fancy-cut cucumbers or zucchinis and decorate your food items better than before.  A must have in the kitchen, this will get you countless compliments and praises for sure!

Buy Here

5.       Silicone Skull Egg Ring

There’s this one problem everyone with kids would understand. Either you cook a fancy looking meal or they won’t eat the food! You have to constantly make an effort to make something appealing in terms of presentation and taste that they have it every day without nagging. One such invention that kids love, and I bought because my house has 2 of those nag-masters, is this silicone skull egg ring. This makes a simple omelette look like an exciting skull face which gives you plenty of variety and bandwidth to change colours, mix flavours and yet bring out a perfect shape ever time.

Buy Here

6.       Oil Free Chips Maker

In today’s world of diabetes and obesity, nobody wants to get fat! It’s great to see health-consciousness in youth and especially women who are inside the kitchen experimenting with salads, olive oil and sugar-free dishes.  Anddd ….it’s also time to experiment a bit more with the new oil-free chips maker. Make your movie-time, sandwich time, brunch time and lunch time fat free and oil-free each day with this must-have kitchen gadget!

Buy Here

7.       Cheese Butter Slicer

Coat your bread toasts easily without much of an effort with this cheese butter slicer. Pop the cheese/butter block directly into the slicer right from the refrigerator and cut the waiting time in adding an extra punch of taste to your meals. Don’t let your hot recipes turn cold and loose taste while you wait for the butter or cheese to melt. Slice off a piece in a click and drench your favourite recipes in oozing, dripping, sliced cheese and butter.

Buy Here

Do you have some other great invention for our kitchen worries?

Come and share your gadgetry in the comments section and we’ll love to highlight them in the next post!

Do not forget to shop!!

See you soon,
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Sunday, 27 November 2016

10 Dapper Shoe Styles That Will Help You Look Awesome This Winter

Just as you feel that nip in the air, your consciousness strikes you about two things, woollens and shoes. While you’ll be having, and buying, a multitude of attractive winter clothing, the footwear mostly stays the same. A single pair of shoes doesn’t really go with every attire that you’ll be wearing. Will you wear your pair of stilettoes to a movie or for that matter in your morning walk? Nope! And, for that, you need a pair of shoes to help you rock at different occasions. Lucky for you, I bumped into an amazing site called Kraftly and found a plethora of amazing shoes that will help you look effortless and charming. Here are listed, some of my favourite ones:

Suede Love

Suede is an amazing winter loving fabric that shines out at any casual occasion. Whether it’s a college reunion or a shopping spree at the local flea, a pair of tan/beige suede boots will always help you to stand out. These flock boots will look simply stunning with a pair of denim or dark pants, and a leather jacket or a long coat.

Buy it here

Comfy Runners

A great pair of runners should always adorn your shoe-rack. These are the ones which you can simply jump on and good to go. They come in a myriad of colours and prints, so it will always be easier for you to match them up with any of your outfits, even with your shorts. Wrap up your feet this winters with these cushiony runners in red and prints.

Buy it here

Slick Heels

A few might think that heels aren’t trustworthy, as they can snap in half at any ugly moment. But, with these classic grey heels, you can easily transform into a glamorous doll within seconds. A great fashion accessory for the workaholics, you can earn extra brownie points at your next presentation just because you were wearing them!

Buy it here

Punk Boots

Black, embellished, slight grungy yet cool black boots are mostly a unique choice for girls. But, to complete that slick biker or the girl-not-to-be-messed look, this is what you need. These highly sturdy and firm looking black boots are perfect for those outdoor weekend parties in winter. Some of the similar varieties come with other embellishments, which are easily customizable. Wear them, kick ass

Buy it here

Sleek Knee-highs

Your feet and lower legs are the delicate areas in winters. They are more prone to be exposed to the harsh weather, as a result of which you become easy prey of viral fever. If you’re already dreading the past year when you spent the majority of the winter lying on your bed with a running nose and watching sitcoms, here’s a flash bomb – get yourself these fabulous knee-high shoes. Protect your feet and add a glamorous touch to your outfit at the same time.

But it here

Golden Crush

Shimmering shades of gold in any outfit results in a super gorgeous look. If you’ve already tried the bling in your accessories, nail paints and make-up, it’s time to give these glittery gold high kicks a shot. If you’re one of those who likes to go with single tones of colours, these shiny pairs of high heel canvas shoes will be totally worth it. Pair it up with skinny denim or leggings and take your glam appeal a notch above.

Buy it here

Smart Oxfords

Oxfords and similar lace tying shoes come in fashion as the winter season approaches. They give a super smart look to your entire wardrobe. A pair of black or grey oxfords is a normal choice for both girls and guys, but if you really like to stand out go for a classic tan pair. The shoes pictured here also contains some prints which add a bit of swag. Roll up your trousers and put on your little ankle socks and walk the town in style!

Buy it here

Colorful Loafers

Just like the oxfords, loafers are another favourite shoe styles to be worn during winter. Easy to wear, these give a sophisticated and compelling look to your outfit. Whether you’re sporting a denim or chinos, a contrasting loafer will always help you to stand out. Apart from the general black and browns, go for a colourful one instead. This one will look flawless even with any light-colored types of denim or trousers.

Buy it here

Classic White Canvas

No one can deny the fact how attractive a pair of white canvas shoes look and how seamlessly it up heaves your entire outfit. When looked from a distance, it is normally the shoe that captivates a person’s attention. I know the major sports brands are ruling the front in sneakers game, but you can shop for these unbranded white slip-on canvas shoes, which isn’t far behind in terms of durability and high style value.

Buy it here

Firm Outdoors

Winter is also the time when you’d probably wish to go out for treks in the beautiful hill stations. With all the moisture and dew out there, the soil gets slippery and your average sports shoes will not be able to bear the brunt. Why not try these dashing boots for a while? As hulking and durable they are, they also don't compromise on the style factor. Run, climb and jump with super ease with these tough boots. Pair them with khakis or denim and enjoy your vacation in style.

Buy it here

That's all for today folks! Hope you are now all set to buy the best pick! So don't waste and haste, keep calm and buy now!!!

See you soon,
Diary Dear!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Top 6 Mesmerizing & Dreamy Gowns For Your Christian Wedding!

When you are young and naive, you build dreams in your eyes and castles at the sea and carry the memories all along your youth. Some of the dreams stay with you, some hibernate with time and some become a reality. If one of the dreams you've had was to own & behold a grand dreamy wedding gown, this article is for you!

Whenever I imagine my wedding attire, I somehow pull back to those white & cream gowns with long veils, my back-combed hair style and a beautiful flowery hair pin at the side of the messy bun of mine. A bouquet of fresh white lillies in my hands and the aisle with eyes on me!

But the most reverberating thought is that of my wedding gown...I do get jitters on the design, exact embroidery, the length, the flare and the colour. What if I don't find one in time? Same as my dreams were - a little lavish, a little bewitching and a little flamboyant!

That's when I collected all beautiful gowns online and added then to the list for you...maybe you can find a match!

1. Floor-Length Ball Gown Dress

This lovely white O-neck gown with solid lace keeps the weight divided while the long trail gives you great photographic angles and ideas!

One great part about gowns is that you need not add any single accessory to your look. Its simplicity takes over worldly possessions and materialistic expanse. All you need is a good red lipstick, a tied up hair-do and you are good to go!

Where to Buy? : Here

2. Floor-Length Trumpet-Mermaid Dress

This trendy white gown with solid lace is an impressive off-shoulder beauty which defines grace and poise!

With a cute little bow design on the waist center and the elongated trail end makes this a perfect wedding attire.

This gown is smartly fitted at the waistline making a curve right where it's needed.

Where to Buy? : Here

3. White Solid Lace Wedding Gown Dress

If you are more inclined to tube style gowns, here's one for your dream wedding. 

Perfectly patterened at the top and stylishly flared at the bottom. A fully-blown net base for a beautiful round circumference makes sure you look like a princess.

You can add a neclace to add a retro flair and finish the flattering look.

Where to Buy? : Here

4. White Embroidered Lace Maxi Dress


Line up a sensual, high-class outfit for your wedding day!

The shoulder lace enhances comfort and imparts great style at the same time.

The skin-hugging fabric allows a better waistline and body shape.

And to add something here, the little flare in the gown would keep your walk effortless and royal.
The simple patterns and lines on the dress lets you experiment with some jewelry like bangles and earrings. While the protruding thrust keep your sensual-avatar at its peak!

Where to Buy? : Here 

5.  Chiffon Wedding Party Maxi Dress


The inspirational, attractive, alluring V-neck, backless gown is one of the best outfits for a Christian wedding! On top of my favourites, its beaded patterns with lace patchwork on the gown makes this my perfect wedding dress! Imagine a setting similar to the one above and then,,,imagine yourself in the dress! You'll feel what I feel! ;) 

Where to Buy? : Here

6. Silhouette Ball Gown


Did you decide if your gown would be comfortable enough while you dance post all the ceremonies? If not, don't worry, Buy my next favourite in the list! The silhouettes of this dress made me fall in love with this gown. Its unmatched pride and blush bride look is enough to slay and turn everyone green with envy! The romantic layers and figure flattering fit is supreme in class. Buy soon before this goes offline!

Where to Buy? : Here 

That's all for now folks! Hope you like the collection! I hope these ideas could add up to the charm of your D-day!

If you still haven't shopped for it, don't just wait! Grab your wedding gown before it's too late! Anddd....

Do share your wedding outfits with me! I'll be lucky to post them here! 

Keep Reading,

Monday, 21 November 2016

Your Guide to Looking Stylish this Winter Season

Winter is almost here and it’s that fabulous time of the year when you get to deck and doll up, and show your style. With so many patterns, layers and designs falling in winter fashion, you don’t need to press hard on your mind to wear things as per your liking. To help you out with your winter styling, here’s an awesome guide with some of the timeless trends that help you stay in style effortlessly.

So, get ready to take your game a notch above this winter with these trendy looks:

1.       Trendy Tunics

The harsh winter weather summons the bright colored outfits that look stunning during winters. Tunics in bright, pop colors go well with any denim or trouser, and help you to look smart. Match them with cool loafers and you’re ready to slay.

Buy it here

2.       Biker Chick

Bomber and leather jackets are the front runners of winter fashion for women. They are all hassle free and yet so classy. The best way to grab eyeballs at any cocktail party is to get yourself a slick leather jacket. Team them up with snazzy sneakers for more casual look or knee-high leather boots for a killer look.

Buy it here

3.       Layer It Up

You need to get your act of layering straighten up this winter! And, for that a woolen shrug is just the right thing. The best part if this winter wear is that it’s simply effortless. You can either choose to keep the front open during daytime or close it up when going for a night out. Shrugs with attractive buttons and toggles also add to your style and you can always experiment with different lengths and colors to shine out. Team it up with denims and long boots and you’ll look fabulous!

Buy it here

4.  Timeless Long Coats

One of the simplest way to add sophistication and glam to your winter outfit, is to throw a long coat. A long coat is a winter essential and it can be easily paired up with jeans, dresses or even skirts to give a glamourous look. Apart from the printed or checkered ones which are good for weekend outings, a classic black, grey or white long coat will always work in your favor at workplace and as daily wear. Bring class by teaming it with long boots and a super stylish bag.

Buy it here

5.       Casual Chic

On a clueless situation it is best to go for casual jackets and sweaters that never go out of fashion. These can be worn at any occasion whether at movies, dinners, while hanging out with friends or even on a date. These jackets and sweaters come on calm colors and prints and look good with anything, whether leggings, trousers, or denims.

Buy it here

6.       Quilled Fun 

For all those times when it gets grimly cold there should be a winter wear which you rely eyes closed. A quilled jacket is that one dear friend which comes super handy in winters. You can trust any of the major sports brand for a durable quilled jacket. Women have the advantage to getting these in multitude of colors and winter patterns. You can pair them with trousers or denims, with loafers or sneakers for a cool look. Zip up and get battle ready to fight the chills!

Buy it here

7.       Flamboyant Faux Fur

Well, having an actual fox or mink fun across your shoulders isn’t just costly, it’s brutal too. But fret not, as you can always go for faux fur. The fur traps heat around essential areas like your neck and shoulders and helps you stay warm. Remember the last terrace party you were in? Now, you can stay out for long and still appear charming without a fuss. And the best part – you can pair these jackets with anything, whether dresses, denims or leggings, you’ll appear flawless every time.

Buy it here

8.       Simplistic Warmers

Anything which you can put on every day for work, these satisfying sweaters are simply evergreen. Simple at approach, they look appropriate at work and still look super stylish. Ace your everyday office look with these cool sweaters and pair this a long coat, khaki chinos and your formal black sandals. Ready to take on the world!

Buy it here

Hope you liked the collection! 

So..what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

With love,
Diary Dear

Saturday, 19 November 2016

What to Wear to Your Beloved Best Friend's Wedding This Month!

Hello Beautiful!!

Here I am again with the top, latest, the most ravishing pieces of Lehengas for your best friend's wedding! It's November Guyss!!! The wedding season has officially begun and you ought to have a stylish pair of chanya choli for yourself. As many of you requested me to get this up, I am finally pinning down some of the most affordable pieces for you which you can mis-match and even re-match with other outfits in your wardrobe to look different each time a new friend walks the aisle...so let's not waste time and jump straight to our first outfit!

1. Banglori Silk Digital Print Multi Color Lehenga


This is nothing less than a fortune worth! But, with the ongoing sale season, you'll be able to grab the deal within your pocket friendly budget! This uniquely crafted piece is just right for any occasion, any day and any event! And when there is silk involved, you can't ask any more questions! Silk is shimmery, silk is royal, and silk is great for winter weddings! Show-off the prints and let the crowd ask you where you bought it from!

Where to Buy? : Here
Why to Buy? The full-filling feel!

2. Rawsilk Lehanga with Chemki Sequence


If it's your soul-sister's aka your best friend's wedding that you are looking forward to, then don't think twice on looking the next big-bride! This mesmerizing, quintessential lehanga will make sure you lead the day! Even when you don't pair them up with anything grand, just a nice pair of earrings or jhumkas and a few bangles are enough to bring out the best in your look.

Tip: This one's for your Instagram fervour ;)
Where to Buy? : Here
Why to Buy? : Because it's RED!

3. Blue Heavy Velvet Lehanga


Who said velvet is out of fashion? A style update guys, "nothing goes out of the town until you throw it out of your wardrobe!" And velvet is soft, furry-feeling and takes you at the top of the queen's throne. You are the second best women in the celebration. Don't pick anything else if you wish to look prettier than the rest of the crowd ;)

Tip: You can pick another crop top in different colour or design such as golden to re-use the skirt for another occasion. What say?
Where to Buy? : Here
Why to Buy?The Embroidery!

4. Crepe Multicolour Printed Semi Stitched Lehenga


If you are not one of the "Oh! What Am I Gonna Wear" Girlfriend, and are thinking to keep it just right, here's one pick for you!

Casual yet ethnic, sober yet trendy! Team it up with a nice net Dupatta if you want, else let the drapes do the talking for you.

Tip: Don't forget a sleek clutch to add some flair to your chic look!
Where to Buy? : Here
Why to Buy? : For its simplicity!

5.  Net Zari Work Peach Semi Stitched Lehenga


At night,  in between the celebrations and the traditions, when the moon shines and all the bridesmaid add heaps of make-up to glow, this lehanga will save you the burden of touching up your look and taking care of the dazzle as well. The detailed zari-work keeps the outfit in shimmer mode every time you don the ethnic Bollywood look.

Tip: Practice some Thumkas !!
Where To Buy? : Here 
Why to Buy? : It's PINK :D

6. The Wonderfab Net Good Look Lehenga


My Dearest Lady Gang! Experiment! Don't just buy Reds & Pinks & Gold! A Wedding is all about looking your best and if you know there's a colour that suits you the best, pick it and wear it! I've done that to my self and haven't been happier! One such sunny, bright colour is Yellow! Yeass...they were all yellow.....!!! Just a song :D

Tip: Great for day light weddings!
Where to Buy? : Here
Why to Buy? : Coz you need to experiment!

7. Dashing Embroidered Lehenga by Wonderfab


Wedding lehengas come in all designs, styles and seasons! This one here is a must if you are a fashion-forward lady in town! The creme silhouette and the gold-black border makes it an ideal choice for your best friend's wedding! And you can re-wear it to any ethnic event your mother wants you to go to :D 

Tip: It's a place where all the prospective grooms are! :D 
Where to Buy? : Here
Why to Buy? : Ideal Indian Sanskaari Wear! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

8. Blue Rawsilk With Chemki Border Lehenga


Three words to define this look! 


This is not for the bridesmaid  :P this is for you! Keep a pair for your wedding too. Let your charm spread around, go for a "once-in-a-lifetime-moment" shoot and get yourself clicked! Get your maang teekas out of the closet and slay the jealous ones. ;P

Tip: Call the parlour in advance for make-up & hair!
Where to Buy? : Here
Why to Buy? : Because it's for YOU!

That's all folks!! Hope you liked the collection!! 

Do get yourself clicked and share your pics in comments! I'm Waiting!!!

See you at the D-Day!

Diary Dear!!!

Monday, 14 November 2016

Teach Your Child A Bit Of Violence To Save Lives!

It is Children's Day today, and we must really break-free some inhibitions that restrict parents from letting their child come in contact with visual violence. Here are some ways in which you can be a part of your child's mental growth and shape it the way every concerned parent would want to. It is important to teach our kids the values, moral responsibilities and decision making habits for a bright future and it is also important to stop them for a second and guide them, answer their questions and practice spending time with them.

Let's talk about teaching our kids about visual, graphic content in the right manner!



Let your kids roll into the world of Phantom, Batman and Mandrake the Magician! The exposure to comics in early ages has given birth to some of the great artists, worldly-wise and creative souls. Before you know, they'd become the first critics to X-men or Avengers Series. They'd know the difference and similarities of Marvel & DC characters. And they'd turn out to be highly imaginative all throughout their lives. They'd even learn about violence, to protect the world.

Action Figures


Let them rule their little world with the real interpretations of their comic characters with  action figures. Show them how to win a battle or forgive the wrong-doings, learn from the stories behind their lives and open their minds to endless possibilities of inventiveness.



Let them watch WWE! Yes! You heard me right! Let them watch WWE! (But, of course at a certain age). Show them the journey of wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Rick Flair, Goldberg et al. Ask them to explore the wrestlers in real life. Inspire them to eat right and be fit. Talk about the importance of family and teach them that all of this is just work. They do it for a living, to serve their family.

Movie Collection


The way Stan Lee visualized a parallel universe of fictional characters, let your kids learn the art of creating stories. Stories that revolutionize the world when told! Gift them the best of the lot movie collections. From Fantastic 4 to Iron Man, Spider man to Lego Marvel Avengers and sit back and enjoy with them. Let them learn how to win over a battle!

My Precious!!!

Source: Kraftly

Gift them a little souvenir occasionally. Let them know you appreciate their interests and are there to award their rightful decisions every time. Even though it might not be a life-changing experience, it will still help them to choose the right path.



Accustom your child to watch what's visually right. They might find the hep' visuals a bit luring but it is you who needs to switch their attention to the enlightening content on the television. You can choose to lock the channels, but then, they would come back to it, when they can. So let them watch what they want and if you are not happy with it, tell them what's wrong with it. Make it a habit to be around them, perhaps at a distance to monitor their TV hours.

Series & Sexuality


Visual violence in some of the most popular series is quite predominant these days. And it's okay to be aware of it. So is, being aware of sexual content. But! Only after they are in the right frame of mind, have reached the age well enough to understand puberty & growth.

It will be a bit of a turmoil and hard work at first to inform your child about it and a high possibility that they already know about it. Yet, you must "talk"!

Deaths & Drastic Consequences


It is important to let your child know about the serious repercussions of over-viewing, over-analyzing and over-aggressive content that they are watching or viewing in comics, on television, online or in-real.

It is our responsibility to watch over the actions of our kids and protect them at all times. But, it is also the responsibility of a child to protect self and others around him/her.

Violence is never a solution, harming others is not a solution. We must not fight over religion, caste, money, governments with stones and sticks. There's always a peaceful alternative to the most violent actions.

But, if a woman is in distress, our children must act. If someone is on the verge of being harmed, our children must act. If an old couple is harassed in their home, our children must act. If wives are being beaten ruthlessly, our children must act. If anyone is being robbed or duped, our children must act. If lives are at a threat, our children must act!

Teach them self-defense and tell them to defend the ones in need!

Happy Children's Day my Future Babies!

See you soon,
Diary Dear