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"Complete-Your-Look" Guide For A Nervous Bride!

Wedding Dresses
A Bridal Guide to Glory on the D-Day

Undoubtedly, dressing up for your D-Day is the most crucial, most anxious part of your wedding! Followed by the walk in the aisle and meeting the eyes of the man of your dreams! So, are you really ready to flaunt your charisma in the air? or are you still struggling to pick that one item left in your wedding look-book-imagination? And if you wish to dress up like stunning graceful South Indian bride, things can be really pretty and pricey! The bewitching Kanjeevaram Saree, striking jewellery and the right footwear can be hard to find! Well, are you getting nervous, impatient and cranky already?

Not to worry and no more stress! Here's a complete look guide to ease away your worries and bring back your beautiful smile... :) 

(Tip: Don't worry about the price ;) You don't need real gold to make you look beautiful!)

#1. Go Overboard with Necklaces!

Kundan Jewelry
Ruby Kundan Matka Designer Set


A great masterpiece for a heavy, traditional look! The intricate kundan work on the necklace would add more timeless appeal to your entire look.. and the best part is, you won't have to look for earrings separately! *wink wink*

You can even team this up with your gold border sarees at your post marriage events and reception parties.

Price: Less Than 3500 
Category: Affordable

#2. Didn't I Say... Go Overboard?

Wedding Necklace
Lakshmi Pearl Cluster Necklace with Jhumka

Carry your goddess on your heart with this beautifully crafted Lakshmi necklace which would not only bring more goodness to your coming life but will also help to keep your looks uplifted. The pearl-clutter complements and matches the earrings which come with this set.

Now that your necklace woes are sorted, let's move on to the next level!

Price: Less Than 3500 
Category: Affordable

#3. Bole Chudiyan, Bole Kangana!

Your bangles must tell a story of who you are and they must impress your man :p ! Didn't you see the grand K3G song? So, before the song plays at your wedding and your girlfriends pull you in the crowd to dance, make sure you choose the right pair for yourself.. 

Here are two beautiful sets for you! The first one is highly attractive and modish...

Gold Plated Bangles
Bangles Set

Price: Less Than 2000 
Category: Affordable

Andddd the second one is alluring and crafty.......

Gold Plated Jewellery
Gold Plated Bangles

These royal pair of bangles add more distinction to your wedding look! These match perfectly with almost all wedding sarees and traditional attires and can even be adjusted for a better fit. 

(Tip: You can buy this one Kraftly easily without walking out of your home! ;))

Price: Less Than 1700
Category: Affordable

#4. Let Everyone Know You've Arrived

South Indian weddings are known for their heavy bejeweled look and fine details. The brides are donned and adorned with the most expensive attires and jewellery from head to toe. One such important piece of embellishment is a Paayal or anklets. These are worn in the feet decorated with henna a day before the wedding. This is considered to be an important part of a wedding celebration.

I'd always wanted these..a classic beauty!

Buy Paayal
Anklets for Wedding

Price: Less Than 2500 
Category: Affordable

#5. Maang Teeka 

Want to look like a regal, resplendent empress? Look no further! Uhm..that was rhetoric ;p Look down and go for the enchanting 3 line maang teeka. You can also experiment with 5 line maang teeka which would highlight your crown area and add a superior feel of being a bride!

Like the anklets, the maang teeka is also an important bridal jewellery. These are worn over the head, sometimes covered with a veil.

Price: Less Than 1200 
Category: Affordable

#6. Nathni or Nose Ring

Nose rings are a part of a bridal's attire in almost every part of India and in every religion. These are a customary majestic addition to transforms you into a queen in an instant.

Even if you are not a fan of nose rings, you'd fall in love with this one!

Nose Ring Nathni
Multi-Coloured Nathni

Price: Less Than 1000 
Category: Dirt Cheap

(Tip: Go for a multi-coloured nose ring if you are confused on the colour. This would ensure that there are no goof ups on your grand evening!)

#7. Walk The Aisle in Style!

No compromise here need to have a great pair of shoes for yourself! 

Something that can walk the talk! ;)

Walk with Style!

(Tip: Once you own the right pair of footwear, all your nervousness will vanish away! :P)

I'm still on the lookout for the best shoes online!! :D


Can you guys help me out please??? ;)

Do comment in the comment box below and let me know where ca I find the best shoes in town ;)

& share your wedding looks with me!!! I'll be really delighted to see & publish them!

See you at the Wedding!!!
Diary Dear! 


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