Monday, 26 December 2016

Amazing Women's Winterwear Styles Trending In The Streets

Men say it’s hard shopping for women. They generally avoid all the girly-conversations with the word “Shopping” involved. Moreover, by the time you’ll agree with me, they might have already made plans on how to stay home and call in a raincheck. Luckily, I am not sailing in the same boat. My partner loves to accompany me to the spree (because he knows how prone I am on picking something completely out of fashion). But there are times when spending time in the crowded lanes of the markets takes a toll on both of us. To avoid the rush and still pick the best outfit we all need a great website, don’t we?

It’s winters going on in India and no matter how many clothes I buy from Sarojini, some don’t fit me, some don’t match my shoes and some fit and match too, but I am totally bored of wearing them. One thing that you’ll have to agree with me on is we all need a branded or branded-looking item to complete our outfit. It might be a Levi looking Jeans, a Zara looking Pullover, a Ray-Ban looking Aviator or perhaps a Swiss looking watch. Agreed?

Well, there are various options with me for various of your fashion problems, but to end at least the shrugs & jacket woes, I’d really recommend you to visit this site. Or perhaps, you could look down for the best of the best evergreen jackets for women below.

1. Stylish Wool Sleeveless Longline Jacket

Who doesn't love the runway fashion? Who doesn't admire the NY, London or Paris fashion week wardrobe? At least not me! And I am pretty sure it ain't you too! Get your hands on this limited edition twin-coloured long jacket and I am sure the complements will never stop flowing! The styles these jackets for women have hits a bull's eye of every fashionista's check-list! So, don't wait up!

Buy it Here

2. Fur Coat

Can you take out fur from winters? Of course not! This super-warm and cozy coat takes furriness to a whole new level. Great for all outdoor trips and worth all the selfie-mode craze, this minimalist coat is highly trending this season. All local to high-fashion markets have furs back with a bang on their shelves. Similar coats for women can be paired with a mid-length skirt and long boots for a diva-in-the-sunlight day!
Buy it Here

3. Blue Polyester Jacket

There may be many jackets for women in the market but the one like this is surely hard to find. Perfectly creased at the right angles, shaped well from neck and cut at the right length; makes it one of the top picks of this week.
Buy it Here

4. Light Pink Long Coat

A great office wear, a stylish after-hours attire! Out of all the ladies coats which I've seen, I think it's the best "pink" shade I've fund today. The other day I saw a really pretty women in metro and this coat reminded me of her! Since I am not as all as her, I might not be able to don the look she was donning but in case you are 5'5'' and have pretty hair, go for a white, embroidered top and a long high-waist jegging and wear this pink coat over! Trust me, you'll love the look like I did! 
Buy it Here

5. Women Embroidery Shrug

You can find many trending tassel shrugs online in the link given below. But the contrasting flowery print and tassels on this shrug caught my attention. Long and just what I admire in shrugs- the dark colour, lures the eyes and calms the mind. I don't ever have to worry about what to wear it with because it matches up with everything!
Buy it Here

6. Cotton Blend Coat

This is for the love of prints, cartoons and cats! Unimaginably cute and yet another "pink" charm that caught my eye! This twin-layer cotton blend coat makes for a perfect day-to-day wear. Wear it to your college or sway it at your casual-fridays for a slender, chic appeal!

Buy it Here.

7. Berrylush Dark Blue Shrug

If you are a regular office-goer, you must buy both the colours available in this women shrugs category. One good reason to do so is because you can even carry it with shorts and it goes equally well with full-length dark jeans. Buy it Here

Hope you liked these ladies shrugs, jackets and coats! I will add more to the collection next week!

But do buy them before the prices rise!

And yes, have a great New Year!!!

Lots of love,
Diary Dear!


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