Monday, 5 December 2016

It's December And It’s Time to Dress-Up Man!

Winters are the favourite time of the year. You get to cover up those un-ironed shirts with trendy sweaters, tuck those burned T-shirts behind the zipped jackets, and hide the dirty collars with stylish winter-scarfs. Isn’t it great when you can almost mix and match anything with everything and still look cool? I believe as much as women love this season for boots and ponchos, men too love it for leather and hoodies! 

This no-mess, effortless season allows them to wear same clothes for a week altogether, skip bath for days and sleep for more and more hours! Winters are also a great way to get oneself in style each time you step out. So, here I am with some of the most outstanding winter wear for men aka warm pair of clothes for a man’s wardrobe that can transform them into an uber-stylish species in no time. 

Let’s have a look at the first item:

1. Grey Cotton and Polyester Sweater for Men081

Ohh So Lovely! This sober, sleek and stylish sweater not only keeps you super-snuggy but also slays your enemies on the ground and turn them green in envy. Not only is this a smart purchase, it is also an affordable one! Its long-lasting threads don’t lose colour or stretch easily. You can team it up with a white shirt and a pair of dark jeans for a kill-with-a-look appeal! Do not miss the work on the neck which is both crafty and creative and is specially designed to match a man’s unparalleled appeal.

Buy Here

2. Genuine Leather Jacket In Black Color

When it comes to choosing the right winter clothes for men women are always confused. Your best chance of buying something without the risk of picking a wrong print or a bright colour is that you always run in the direction where a smart, iconic black leather jacket is kept. Neither too shiny nor too bland, a black leather jacket always, and I mean ALWAYS helps! Buy one by clicking on the link below if you are struggling for a perfect winter gift for your man.

Buy Here

3. Navy Blue Blank - Guys Hoodie

The best part of men’s winter wear is that all you need to find is a great piece of warm wear, which can go well with everything, every day. This Navy Blue Blank Hoodie serves the same purpose. It perfectly balances dark colour and high class look in a single outfit. Men can wear their warmers inside and forget the worry of over-burdening themselves with layers of heavy clothing. This is also a great piece for their light, friendly rendezvous and evening social meet-ups.

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4. Red Sweater

If you are one of those men sitting by the corner, reading a book, re-touching your spectacles and drinking coffee Trenta size, you must be in this sweater this season. Perfectly made with the right amount of weave and cleanly styled patterns, this makes you look intellectual, romantic and creative all at the same time. With that you must also get ready to receive a bundle of complements each time you wear this on. A crisp white shirt would do wonders to your look when worn with this sweater and a dark shade of trousers.

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5. Alois Mens Full Sleeve 100 Cotton V-Neck Striper Sweater

Stripe fashion never goes out of style, can it? The thick horizontal lines make some of the most admirable designs on various outfits; and winter wear for men is the most appealing example of all.
Don this attractive striper sweater with light embroidery along with your favourite pants and boots and travel into the blue yonder every day. The V-neck uplifts the style while the dark center stripe keeps all the attention on the wearer while he walks past the crowd and the crowd turns their head for an amazed second glance.

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6. Italiano TUCCI Vintage Designer Mens Semi Leather Jacket

The slim-fit, padding style of this fashionably elegant brown faux-leather jacket makes one look at his best. Even when you are a workaholic with a tie or someone who is crazy for rock music, old monk and Nucleya; you still ought to buy this and flaunt it like a rockstar. Winters are incomplete without a perfect jacket and this, my friend, is what you really need this winters. So don’t wait anymore, order one now!

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Did you like my curation or are you still hungry for more such manly stuff? 

You can also click-a-pic of your own collection or share your bog link with me in the comments section below! I’d be really happy to learn from you.

And, to buy more of similar winter collection for men online, head straight to this site and lead the fashion revolution with your new-found trendsetter’s attitude and never, ever, look back again!

Keep Shopping,
Diary Dear

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