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Jacket Styles Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

What’s winter without showing your winter style with fabulous and warm jackets? While women folk have the advantage of multiple jacket styles, men stick to the basics. And basics are good. Mentioned here are the five best jacket styles every man should have in his wardrobe. These are sturdy, firm and don’t allow the chilly air to pierce through without losing their appeal.

Casual Blue Velvet Jacket

Every man should have a casual jacket in his wardrobe, which can be worn at any function and event. Whether it’s your wedding anniversary, a birthday party or you’re going to your alumni night, a casual jacket will help you leave an impression everytime you don it. Like the blue velvet jacket shown here, which can be paired with slim trousers, jean and cool leather boots or sneakers. Casual jackets for men are also great to wear during date nights, where you can compliment your partner’s fabulous dress.

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Black Biker Jacket

Mens jackets that’s a great mix of toughness and comfort is liked by all, and a biker jacket is just the right piece for it. Unlike the popular misconception that it can be only worn while riding, you can sport a biker jacket at house parties and even while travelling long distances. Because of their hard texture and availability in solid colors, a biker jacket is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Are you planning for a weekend ride with friends? Take this along and add the dash of glamour while you let the cool wind play with your hair.

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Denim Jacket

The rise of denim jackets has been phenomenal. Earlier considered grungy and related to the matters of the punk, the denim jacket can be seen everywhere now. From off white wash to jet black tones, a denim jacket adds a cool look to your wardrobe. You can wear them with khaki colored chinos, contrast them with jean of opposite colors, high ankle boots or sneakers and flaunt your winter fashion. Pictured here is cool blue denim that can be sleeve rolled and makes you ready for work and play. Other than wearing them as a jacket, you can find several other ways to wear them on mens jackets online sites.

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Checkered Cotton Jacket

Keeping a different trend, checkered jackets can be fun to wear. If you’re looking for casual jackets for men, these will fit in perfectly. You can wear checkered jacket at work and even while hanging out with friends. Match them with solid colored tees and shirts beneath, chinos or jean, and sneakers or loafers, for that stylish look. The best part is that just like checkered shirts that you wear daily, you can find hundreds of patterns while browsing for jackets for men online. If you’re sad that the sweaters are covering your cool checkered shirts, here’s a fantastic solution – get checkered jackets!

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Brown Leather Jacket

A classic leather jacket is irreplaceable from a man’s wardrobe. Period. Though originated as a garment for people working in industrial units, the main rage of the leather jackets started out as a pop-culture mania back in the 80’s when the likes of John Travolta and Michael Jackson made it popular via their killer music videos. The end result? Those celebrities and their moves become a cult and the love of classic leather jackets became immortal. Pictured here is a tan leather jacket, as black is too main stream. You can pair these with literally anything, from jean, trousers, chinos, khaki shorts and even with your kurta pajamas.

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