Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sweatshirts and Hoodies To Make Your Day A Little Better

These days I am really having trouble deciding on what to buy for this winter season. As the wind is chilling even more day by day, and the fog is engulfing the world, I ought to have something more than a 3 year old black woollen blazer! For people who are facing similar hardships like me, don’t fret anymore like I did. A friend of mine just shared some great sweatshirts and hoodies for women from this amazing site. At first I thought it would just be a random website like many others with hefty prices and less quality but I was wrong. I couldn’t help but share some of their collection with you.  Here are a few of the trendy women’s sweatshirts and hoodies I loved and I am sure you would fall for them as well!

 La Storia Solid Trendy Hoodie

There’s a part of us which really falls for black each time we head shopping! Women are wired like that. They spend on something they don’t really need and buy clothes only because they are black in colour and would go well with almost anything. Even if you are a smart spender, you would still love this trendy and classy piece of clothing which will also warm-up your neck with its attached scarf-style hood.  If you are thinking the same as I do, you are making a mind-list of the numerous ways to team it up with other attires and yet look different every day.

Here’s where you can grab it from! Buy Now

Plaid Sweater

Imagine yourself in a plain winter jegging with stylish tan boots and this sweater on your shoulder! Oh! What a look to head into that icy cold morning! The stylish pattern and the attractive colour would not only allow you to walk in style but would also keep you cosy and warm throughout the day. Wear them to your casual outings or flaunt them at your workplace. The sweater seems to fit any look, any place and any day.

Buy it from Here

Infinity Stores Tiled Sweatshirt


Even if you are in the middle of a laid-back, foggy, no-sunshine day; this tiled sweatshirt will cheer you up anyway. Cute tiled patterns look great on sweatshirts for women and the ones like these, would even add more poise to your entire personality. Push the sleeves back and wear a black jegging to begin conquering the fashion world with your new and improved, worth all the “likes” style-guide. This can even go into your luggage bag for all your future trips to the hills.

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Rainbow Sweater

When you are bored of plain ladies hoodies and jackets you must bring colours to your life! And one perfect way to do so is with this unique Rainbow Sweater. Full of vibrancy and sheen, these accentuate the look and take it to the next level street-style fashion. You will not be able to take your eyes off this piece of clothing and so will the crowd. One way to team it up is with a crisp white shite with collars peeping through the neckline. If that sounds crazy, wear an inner which doesn’t show and still keep you warm in extreme winters. Tuck it in your pants or jeans with a smart belt for regular day-looks.

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Fashionistaa21 Navy Blue-White Cotton Blend Sweatshirt

There are many fancy ladies sweatshirts available in the market but this one here is not easily available. In the times of crop-top fashion, you can’t miss this fancy yet sober sweatshirt. Great to go with your nerdy cat-eye spectacles, a thick dictionary size book and a bun on the head. The stripes ensure you don’t look too flabby while the sleeves give a stylish edge to your different-than-all style. Wear this with long shrugs, skin-fit jeans and heels to work and in the evening, a knee length skirt would take care of your sensual appeal.

Buy it from Here

Old Monk Custom Hoodie

What suits you in the comfort of your home…especially in this winter season? Is it a nice hot mug filled with coffee, the view from your top floor, the smell of hot pakodas frying in the kitchen, eating Granny’s biscuits or a great hoodie to tuck yourself in from day to night? For me it’s everything. So I bought this great hoodie, am standing by my balcony with my coffee mug and my Granny’s biscuits, viewing the beautiful fog engulf the hills. The kitchen smells of hot pakodas!

 Buy my favourite Hoodie from Here

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It’s getting cold,
Diary Dear

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