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Top 6 Holiday Special Sunglasses for Men and Women

What gets you going in the harsh sun especially, in this winter season? Isn’t it a great pair of Sunglasses? Well, get ready for a sparkling Sunglass journey because if you are following winter fashion, you must be acquainted with a great eyewear. Since this year is ending and I am officially memorizing what I did the entire year, I remember my first encounter with hilly sunshine and the harsh tingling sensation in my eyes in early February which didn’t stop until I wore UV protected wayfarer sunglasses of my handsome male counterpart.

Remembering how those shades saved my eyes that day, let’s scroll through a wide variety of super stylish, selfie-favourite sunglasses for men in this holiday season. Because as much as women love to flaunt their cool accessories, men have their share of fun with their shades and goggles! And who knows, they might even save your day one day! With this unique holiday special sunglasses collection you can pick what suits your personality the best and spread your style statement around like wildfire! Let's begin our trip with the most popular types of sunglasses, the aviators-

Blue Mirror Aviators

Super sleek with double brow bars, these over-the-edge aviator pilots for men are designed with extremely streamlined rim. Slender temples make for an attractive accessory which won't bother you with nose-stress fatigue and heavy wearing feel. And the best part is, that these even look great on women too ;). The non-allergic nose-pads make sure you don't face any skin trouble, while its exclusive design keeps your look at its best!

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All-time Black Clubmasters

The drop design on the edges of the frame gives your look an unparalleled appeal. Golden rim makes sure you get all the desired attention you require from wherever you go. If you love these vintage inspired browline designs, you are perfectly in sync with the trendsetters thinking-wave. If you are a Gordon Lewitt fan or a follower of Tom Hanks, you'd have at least one pair of these in your bag! Probably on your eyes!

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Fancy Goggles For Men

Fancy, because they are creatively crafted for the thinkers behind the books, with a large cup of coffee which gets cold every time it is kept at the table. Made for long journeys with friends, made for hills and beach parties, made for style obsessed fashionistas. You can buy glasses online but the ones like these are only available at the link below and that too at such a a great price.

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Designer Goggles for Men

For people who love style and simplicity both, these prove to be one of the coolest shades for men. Adjustable nose pads ensure the glasses don't slip off easily while the single browline draws a straight no-nonsense message for people who love straight talks and high-end creativity. Don these over weekends and gather uncountable complements all the time for your extreme suave look !

Girls, pair these up with a classy black clutch, high-waist jeans and boots for a trendy look for first impressions and luxurious-looking dates!

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Round Goggles For Men

 Pick your charming colour from the two. These golden and blue round goggles for men as well as women suit up every attire with equal zeal and passion. Iconic yet upgraded with modern embellishments, these are a hit among youngsters these days. A colorful version of Elton John's Black round sunglasses, these are a must-have for anyone looking for a change of both, style and statement.

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Stylish Silver Aviators

There's no better way to enjoy any holiday without selfies these days. And in this selfie-era, these voguish aviators let you enjoy the privilege of a rich-look along with a holiday driven feel. Get great photogenic pictures instantly with these rimless, uniquely crafted sunglasses and never come back empty handed from any travel-adventure!

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Don't forget to click on the links and grab these amazing, super-cheap yet stylish glasses for men with complete UV protection and anti-glare properties. After-all your eyes matter the most!

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