Friday, 23 December 2016

Wonderful Wall Decor Ideas For This New Year

When you enter anyone’s house, what do you first notice? What catches your attention in the first place? Is it the chandelier or big vases? The curtains or the paintings? The answer is, none of these! Because the first and the foremost thing you see are the walls, and how plain or beautiful they are. How great is having great looking walls, can be demonstrated by this amazing ad showcasing Sharukh Khan!

Now do you believe me? Haha! So let’s come to what exactly you will need to make your walls a creative canvas. Scroll down for a mini glimpse of how I wish to design my walls once my house is completely constructed or for a much expansive portfolio of wall art decor you can look for the direct link here.

1. Dream Catcher Hanging

What’s more attractive than having a stylish hanging on the room door itself?  A dream catcher hanging is known for its capacity to filter bad dreams. Hang them on the children’s wall or your room’s entrance to sleep sound and safe. Let the sun rise and vanish away your troubles, nightmares and bad thoughts.

Buy it Here.

2. Wall Art Stickers

When I first had a look of this wall décor, all I wanted to do was buy one! This is for all love birds, couples, partners and soul-mates who aren’t afraid to showcase their love all around themselves. A wall sticker makes for a perfect surprise when your husband or wife comes back home and switches on the light.

Buy it Here.

3. Love Birds With Nest Wall Sticker

Wall décor stickers have really made me a fan and that is why here’s another pick from my secret home wall décor wish-list. Birds in a home always bring good luck and in a metropolitan like ours, it is really tough to have one inside. Being a love-bird myself, I opted to buy this for my drawing room, with the same colour palettes. 

Buy it Here.

4. Swastik Ganesh Plastic Wall Hanging

It is very important to have a Lord Ganesha Idol in your house. It is known to bring good luck and prosperity to your lives. In case you don’t have a special sacred place in your house, buy this Swastic Ganesh Plastic Wall Hanging like I did. Great for doors, walls and entrances, hang these for a constant flow of positive vibes, happiness and celebrations in your home.

Buy it Here.

5. Brown Family Photo Tree

A stylish way to personalize your room, this clear vinyl photo tree sticker changes the contrast and settings of your room in an instant. Change the regular, boring wall paint into a canvas full of memories. Creatively designed for people like us, who are strongly in touch with their emotions! You can order this wall décor online in the link below.

Buy it Here.

6. Colourful Dog Wall Decor

Okay, first thing’s first! Ain’t that cute?!!! Super-hell it is! I’d trade anything for this. Glue this to your walls and I bet you’d never regret it. This comes with self-adhesive glue, is UV resistant, water-resistant and its durability promises whooping a 3 to 4 years of wall stick. Just make sure your walls are smooth and clean before you apply the stickers to your wall.

Buy it Here.

7. Miniature Kitchen Wall Hanging

When we were young, remember how playing with miniature toys like kitchen tools was a cool thing for us? Bring back your childhood memories with this cute, correction** “super-cute” kitchen miniature set! A unique wall décor to celebrate those fun & amazing days of making artificial tea and food for our little friends in a house party. Hang this 3D miniature kitchenette in your living room to revive the past adventures in a jiffy. ;)

Buy it Here.

8. Circle Mirror Wall Sticker

If you wish to make that amazing first impression on your family friends, neighbours, relatives or anyone for that matter. Stick these circular mirror wall stickers in the hall on entrance side walls for a chic-styled, luxurious-looking home! So don’t wait anymore.

Buy it Here.

Are you still waiting? Well Don't!!!

Click on the links and buy now!!!!

See you later,

Diary Dear

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