Monday, 2 January 2017

The Feeling Of Being Stuck At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time!


There are times when I think of what to say while I am amid the crisis of people's lives. Some are heartbroken, some are promiscuous, some are in desperate need for psychiatric help. I don't say this out of any overwhelming aversion. Perhaps I'll be very descriptive about it someday. But there are times like these when the problems around you irritate your aura and your shell of strength.

You'd never be able to find a teeny-weeny corner of respect for their partners in their eyes, let alone their relationship status for the sake of the devil. There are people who are disheartened and they feel the pain will drive them ahead but deep inside, that is not true. The pain is a weapon they use to kill the happiness in the faithful ones. It's a sharp, broken piece of wood-like sarcasm that is pierced right through your heart the moment you wish to leave the horror-like day. The words are coated with rude interruptions, strange-world manipulations and crass-assumptions.

What to say when people are not at the level of your understanding? When they are not even at any level of understanding. They call themselves old, experienced, traditionalists but are they really if they disrespect their soul-mates in a crowd of unknowns and when they hurt the young with their ruthless-actions or when they carve their distressing episodes on your head with a bag full of shit-thoughts which may never happen to you.

May be they are right from the place they are or maybe the place they are isn't right. Or may be I am stuck at the wrong place at the wrong time. To be true, it is hard to tell because they say people like me are young, inexperienced and "modern", at least this is what I face everyday with a pathetic-disorderly-notorious-21st-century-disappointment-kids expressions.

This is sad! But I am glad I was not a part of the generation with such grave rigidness and apprehensions to live with and to train their offspring the same theories of depressing life-returns. I am privileged to be brought up at a time when freedom has its meaning and a religion or a caste or being a woman does not define my identity.

I am me and I don't dream from someone else's eyes.

Yours Loving,
From Diary Dear

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